Who here didn't see this coming?

This isn’t necessarily about Utah recruiting, but recruiting at Colorad9.

Seems Deion & Sons are doing a great job running people off, and not looking in the mirror.

Here I thought unintentional Big XII comedy would come from BYU. Nah, the Sanders have been doing some stand up work. Or at least they’re making CU look like a train wreck. The optics around CU football are awful.

Maybe we’re missing something off the field.


So another 5-7 season is coming to Boulder?

Yes, and it will be hilarious. :joy::joy::joy:

It does raise the question whether the AD and University President may need to pull one out of the U$C bag of firing coaches tricks and sack him at the airport. :wink:


Let’s say what the Sanders are saying is true - the guys transferring out weren’t going to play.

Still, it’s just an ugly, unnecessary throwing of people under the bus to explain it that way. And it’s self-destructive

Every program has guys that don’t end up getting a lot of snaps. And who do they think the guys coming from the portal will be? Only starters?

This rhetoric essentially boils down to the Sanders poisoning their own well. If they end up 10-15 scholarship players short, then I respect what they’re saying and they’re passing on non-starter level transfers. Otherwise, if you’re not in the 2-deep at the end of camp at CU, you’re simply unwanted.

The Sanders are saying it loud and clear.

If you don’t have a good scout team, you don’t have a good team. The program is 100+ players, staff, coaches, advisors. It’s a lot of folks, and only 44-48 are in the 2 deep. Participation reports are frequently under 60.

You have to respect the individuals. There are 100 different reasons why a star in HS doesn’t pan out at the D1 level, most of them completely unrelated to that guy’s worth as a human being. You just don’t throw people under the bus like that.


This doesn’t include players lost to the portal in December.

You can’t turnover half a roster every year and think it improves your odds of winning. It should be a red flag to the University there is a toxic culture in the locker room. Add to that all the negative stuff said when they started losing, and it’s nothing short of a miracle that all of the players didn’t simply jump ship.

Last season’s exodus was given a hall pass because it was year one. This season should be considered a cause for concern.


I have some respect for some of the way Sanders coaches his team.

But there were periods last year where depth was dismal, with some head scratching coaching decisions. Like getting smoked by Stanford at home after being up by 29 at the half with Hunter being so gassed he wasn’t even trying to cover his man, the WR from Stanford who had 200 yards… in the second half.

The way they worded these responses, there will be a lot more exits, as players self-select to leave, with assistants being harangued by depth chart questions. Snaps are always a big deal, now it becomes an out-sized topic, it becomes the elephant in the room… maybe joined by other elephants?.

College FB can’t be managed like an NFL team, with practice squads. You can’t call free agents out of the blue if you have depth issues, like the Browns did last year did with Joe Flacco.

Everyone will be looking at players 60-85 on the roster like they’re self-hating idiots for bothering to suit up. If you’re a freshman who’s in development, how many times do you have to explain it, wondering if the listener thinks you’re making an excuse?

This really looks like a short-sighted circling of the wagons. Or worse, it’s what they really think.

( / end of CU discussion, for me)


There was an article in the Athletic today about recruiting in Texas, where they interviewed 8-9 high school coaches. The discussion was about schools recruit well there, and which coaches, head and assistant coaches. Utah got some mention about non-Texas schools that do a good job of recruiting Texas. When the discussion turned to Big 12 schools, the few coaches that mentioned Colorado said it wasn’t recruiting Texas. One coach said Sanders expects high schoolers to come to him. He doesn’t go to them.

That ain’t gonna work. Sounds like Prime will rely on the portal.


Colorado’s final O-lineman remaining from last season just entered the portal too. Rinse, repeat. Zero continuity in the trenches is not exactly a winning recipe.


Hubris. Forgive me if I don’t read the article. Maybe they can make humility and team spirit fasionable again.


I should stop, but my schadenfreude won’t let me not want to watch the bridge collapse underneath the train.


Every single OL’man on the roster, or every one of the 5 starters?

I understand it as every O lineman that played any snaps at CU. So, starters and whatever playable depth they had. Saw an article yesterday but can’t find it right now.


I remember when bronco was at TDS he said the same thing, he expected players to reach out to him.


Now…wait just a doggone minute, you! What kind of touchy-feely rubbish are you spewing here?!! This is FOOTBALL we’re talking about here!! Get on board, man! Like Coach Sanders–I mean Coach Prime–said:

“Look good, play good. Play good, eat good. Eat good, die good.”

Wait. Isn’t that a quote from Epictetus? Wow. The man’s a coaching deity. In other words, as he himself explained, shut up,


lol - well played, LA… well played.


I understand that he liked his belly rubbed.


It just occurred to me. I wonder if Prime’s feet are so bad at this point that he can’t travel and do everything you need to do on the recruiting trail.

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Side note on Bronco. I was in Charlottesville this weekend. Nice place.

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