Who are the University of Utah football team’s five most-important players?

Very interested to see what happens with the QB battle.

Also, while Covey has generally been a stud, he hasn’t been himself since the ACL injury and it shows.

I’m pretty skeptical about this years team.

I know an article that says the OL are the 5 most important players, but as I reflect on the past 10 years of Utah football, I can honestly say that the one position group that has limited Utah’s success is the OL.

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Yes, not a strong area for us.

I didn’t watch much of “last season”, but I never felt great about Rising, at least based on what I saw. Hoping for the best.

Skeptical of what? Winning the south? Winning record?

Any list for the University of Utah’s five most important players should definitely include a defensive lineman.


Our ability to stay healthy, something resembling consistency at the QB position, a decent OL, etc. there are question marks, especially because of COVID.

Not worried as much about winning The South. I think it’s safe to say we’ll have a winning record.

Based on six passing attempts?