Whit signed through '27

He said Ludwig was his first OC and will be his last OC.

In a world where multiple lies are often contained in a single sentence, I hope this is exactly what happens.

I think when Ludwig first came here last year he said in an interview that this would be his last job as well. I think they both have money, they both like Utah and like their lives and like each other and when one bails the other will as well. Kind of like Stockton when Malone left.

Whitt is unreal. Utah does have some good options when Whitt leaves in Scalley and Hill but at the same time…I’m not sure expecting either of those to be able to do what Whitt has done…I’m glad Whitt is signed until 27. I’ll take it. He’s special.

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If [Taylor], I mean Morgan, ever becomes the head coach in waiting, he’ll be waiting a while. One silver lining for him is that he has more time to put his bad episode behind him.

Did you mean Scalley?

I don’t think Whitt stays that long. Honestly…if we won the PAC-12 and a Rose Bowl I wouldn’t be shocked if Whitt rode off into the sunset.

If we won a national title I think Whitt would be gone. He’d go out on top.

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[quote=“Swanton, post:4, topic:4486”]

Did you mean Scalley?[/quote]

Yep. I confused his name with his brother‘s.

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This is great news. Tier 1 coach in the Pac-12.

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