While the Colorado game on Friday is nowhere near as important as the Oregon game was

It does still hold some significance. It’s actually more important than the 2018 BYU game was because it’s a conference game. First off, a win against Colorado on Friday would give Utah an undefeated home record. Second of all, it would give them their first 5-0 record against the Pac-12 South in history. 3rd, it would allow them to keep their likely Top 20 ranking come Tuesday when the new CFP rankings are revealed. 4th, the Utah-Colorado all-time series is currently tied with each team having 32 wins in history. So, a win over the Buffs on Friday would give Utah the lead in the all-time historical series, which is actually one of Utah’s most played rivalry games. Finally and most important of all however, it would guarantee Utah no worse than the Alamo Bowl as a bowl destination because it would eliminate the possibility for any team in the league (sans Oregon if they beat Oregon State) to finish within 1 game of Utah in the final overall conference standings. This would make it so no team could be selected ahead of Utah for the Alamo Bowl if Utah were to lose in the conference championship game. The only team in the league who can still finish within one game of Utah is Oregon, and if the Ducks finish 7-2, they would win the North and go to CCG. If that happens, a loss by Utah in said game would STILL guarantee them no worse than the Alamo Bowl because no other team in the league could finish within one game of us. Ergo, Utah’s bowl destination would be either the Rose Bowl if they win the CCG or the Alamo Bowl if they lose. Ergo, the Pac-12’s top two bowl games to the lay person outside of the CFP or an at-large NY6 Bowl, which is highly unlikely because Utah wouldn’t be ranked highly enough with another loss.