Which shirt should I get?

Figured it’s time for me to rock a U shirt every now and then. I dig old school looks. Which is more legit:

While I’d likely question your sanity spending $32 for a single t-shirt, that first red one is pretty cool.

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Is this stuff licensed? I can’t imagine that this has been approved by University Licensing.

Their website talks about licensing being the reason some schools aren’t available, so I assume it’s actually licensed gear.

Yup. They are a company I found pre pandemic. They were about to go bankrupt but a bunch of people told them to keep at it. They have a ton of the old design licenses.

Also, I prefer these shirts to Nike, Under Armor and others. The style and feel of the fabric is top shelf. I am not paid or anything by the company. I just love their product.

For the record, I am trying to find a reason to buy Colorado Mining gear:


The Vintage Utah Utes Red Tee looks the best to me. But the $32 price tag is a bit much.

It’s not a Gildan or Haynes. It’s a higher quality shirt. $25 shirts are going to be cheaply made nowadays. I like UU interlocked with the mountain but I wanted it in red.

Mines has literally had the same primary logo and branding for like a hundred years… it’s funny seeing these “vintage” designs that look exactly like current ones. If it ain’t broke…

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Well, they are the old trademarks. Not new designs labeled vintage. I went to the Utah Athletics website shop and they were all a brand of cheap shirt. The designs were more modern. Where did you get yours? I’m open to other options.

No I was referring to Colorado School of Mines (generally called “Mines”) since you had mentioned it. Their primary logo and graphics have not changed in generations.

As far as other retro sports apparel companies, I’ve found good quality stuff at Vintage Brand but I’m not a fan of the Utah designs they have at the moment.

Ha. Oh. Yeah, something about that design makes me want to grab a bunch of shirts.

Is there a retro Utah Utes Hawaiian shirt?

Didn’t someone make a replica Majerus sweater, perhaps in sweatshirt form?

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