Where to get breakfast?

I went to Penny Ann’s this morning and ordered a short stack of pancakes. They tasted like eggs. I’d heard people rave about this place for years so I gave it a shot and was pretty disappointed.

I had some pancakes last year from The Original Pancake House and they were pretty good. I only eat pancakes about once or twice a year and I’m in search of some that stand out.

I like The Park ok, I really like Eggs in the City, and im pretty fond of Sweet Lake. I don’t think Ruth’s is that good and I hate Over The Counter.

Janet’s Sunshine Cafe in NSL it the best place for breakfast.
Ruth’s in Emigration Canyon is pretty good.
Market Street downtown is really good, their seafood omelet is great.

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Bill’s and Nada’s, Nick’s/George’s/Roundhouse Cafe, the Coachman, Sill’s Red Rock Cafe, Chick’s in Heber

I think Eggs in the City is my favorite breakfast place. Think Park is overrated.

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Try Finn’s. Get the Chorizo omelet and substitute the toast for a sourdough pancake. My fave breakfast around. But don’t go on a day I go.

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I can’t believe I left out Finn’s! That might be my favorite breakfast place. Have been going there for a long time. Believe it or not, I was a big fan of their pesto tofu scramble but it’s no longer on the menu. That is a solid place.

Ok. Let’s be sure to coordinate ahead of time.

on second thought….Ill just meet you there instead. Finn’s welcomes all.

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If you want a good grease bomb, the marinated steak and eggs at The Other Place does the trick. I like the corned beef hash and eggs at Cafe Niche. I always enjoyed going to Silver Fork Lodge for the setting.


Erm, you do realize Bill & Nada’s has been gone for almost 20 years now?

Coachman shut down ~ 5 years or more ago.


GO TO THE OTHER PLACE ASAP, if you like them… The property of that building and his commercial bldg next door have been sold and the property development proposal is currently going thru the government phases. It is only a matter of time until it is gone, and ANOTHER giant-■■■ Apt building invades my neighborhood.

That’s sad The Other Place is on its way out. I went there infrequently but I always liked it. The development world in SLC strikes me as highly corrupt.

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Steg, this is a case of Kosta, the owner entering his 70s and his daughter showed no interest in the business as she grew up. He is literally just too tired/old to continue. And since Ive known this man personally since 1992, when it was in its original location and I was looking for work, I’m not surprised he would reach out to sell the property… Given this area I Iive in (Elevate on 5th - first of the giant buildings in 2003-5ish) there is insane demand for property… I mean 3 blocks down from me they builth The Worthington on the site of the former Aztec Copy/Tavernacle. A corner I would NEVER have guessed would get a tall residential tower.

The best pancakes I’ve had were at Virg’s in Ogden. Almost a crisp crust on the outside, fluffy on the inside. There are also locations in WVC and Tooele.
If you are hungry, try the Wholly Hog. I tried it after a triathlon training day in the Ogden Valley and couldn’t finish it, despite loving every bite.


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…care to elaborate?

Get the Jim’s breakfast. Sliced potatoes with cheese covered by 3 eggs cooked to order. Sausage, bacon, and sausage gravy. And two pancakes on the side.

Is someone going to coordinate a UFN group breakfast?

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Yes, I will do it. I’ve been wanting to have a UF.N get together for quite a while.

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