Where did you get your masks?

So we have been using some bandannas, but they don’t stay on the bridge of the nose. We want to get some cloth masks that loop around the ear but there are so many options out there and half of them on Amazon or other online shops don’t look reputable. Has anyone bought any and had good success with them? If so, can you recommend where you got them?

I’ve been wondering the same thing.

Seems like even a lot of hospital workers are getting a pattern online and making they’re own.
My mom made us a couple in pretty short order.

Why bother? I have yet to wear a mask. I left all
my N95 masks in my sister’s garage after finishing a bathroom remodel for her. She needs it as she’s a cancer survivor.

The primary purpose of a mask for the general public is to contain the spread from asymptomatic people who have been infected… that’s why you bother.


Correct. I’ll say it again. My wife is a retired Respiratory Therapist. She says you wear the mask if you are sick to keep from spreading your disease. If you are not sick, you wear the mask to keep from touching your face.


So I have had a nervous habit for years of rubbing my eyes, I do it constantly (and note that my dad does the same thing). When I’m in public I wear a mask, gloves and sunglasses to keep me from rubbing my eyes and touching my face. I was not built for this pandemic thing and need every help and prompt I can get.

Conversely, keeping away from people has long been my specialty. I hate crowds of people and my joke long before this was that when I died and went to hell I’d just reappear at Disneyland at peak season, stuck in a perpetual line. :wink:


I will be right behind you in line.


I also touch my face and rub my eyes and my dad did too.
Retrospective study n=2?

OK, so trying to redirect back to the question of my original post…

Where did you guys buy your masks?

I have not purchased these but sugarhouse industries (née awnings) are now making face masks for sale to the public.

The wife bought several cases of surgical masks in January and February to send to her family in Hong Kong at our expense. We’re rationing the remainder to immunocompromised friends and use a very small amount for ourselves (especially when she goes to interpret in hospitals) . I mostly stay home. We lucked out.

If we run out I have fabric for novelty handkerchiefs that I can use as a bandana or sew into one. I’ve heard of sewing pipe cleaner into the top to form to the nose.

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And the line won’t move at all because I’m in it

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My mom sews and the church asked her to sew masks and donate them to people that need them. She took two of my old Ute tee shirts white and red and sewed me two of them.

My wife found a pattern online somewhere and has been sewing them like mad for all her co-workers.

I haven’t left the house in a few weeks, so I don’t have my own yet.

Masks? For what? Oh… are there really people out there who still believe the hype?

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Hype? Wow!

Was just in Taiwan a couple of months ago and pretty much everyone wore mask on the subway. There’s a reason for a city/country of such high density it did not have to quarantine healthy people – people are more considerate. Plenty of studies have shown masks do help, especially in protecting others. It’s nothing close to 100% (around 50%, I think), but still helps.


I guess you haven’t seen any version of this hot mic footage anywhere yet. Or maybe think it is fake somehow? And haven’t seen or believe any of any number of other contradicting evidence.

I don’t want to be rude or be argumentative here – there is just no point. To each’s own. I’ll just leave with these links.

That’s cool. I don’t doubt masks are helpful for preventing spread of contagious disease. But I do doubt spuriously made claims by people on tv who are paid millions to say whatever they are told to say. Especially when there is contradictory evidence of the claims they make. After all, in every contradiction there is either a lie or a mistake somewhere.

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