When you hit a game winner, it's okay to be excited, but you don't have to be a dick

I’m looking at you Peyton Pritchard of Oregon.

I looked at the highlights but didn’t see any footage of the game winner. What’d he do?

In his defense, it was a heckuva shot.

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He hit a three pointer with about 3 seconds left. And the proceeded to strut around the arena gesturing to the crowd (Washington crowd). He should act like he’s hit a shot before.


This is not terrible but it’s pretty immature.

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It’s getting easier and easier to dislike the Oregon team.



C’mon newbomb. It’s Oregon you can’t be surprised. Egregious flops by the Brooks kid classless celebration by Payton that’s just the norm in Eugene

Apparently Altman had some interest in Utah, but wanted more money than we could offer. Larry is currently making something in the ballpark of 800,000 more than him. :man_facepalming: