When you become a parody of yourself

So I read Cougarboard for the laughs, but occasionally I post something nice in an attempt to bring down the ill will between us. The other day I tried to post about a pleasant experience I had with young man from BYU at the 2008 game
My sons and I were in the NEZ cheap seats and this BYU fan painted in blue was about to sit next to me, but before he sat down he noticed a very elderly Ute fan and decided to let to offer his seat back (the things some people use on benches) to the old guy. The old man did use the seat and I saw what seemed a very nice act from the boy in blue. Just to tease him, as he returned to his seat I yelled at him “Damn you, now I can’t hate you”. For only moment he was shocked to be yelled at by a middle aged stranger but as I smiled he realized what I said and heard me commend him for being so nice. We enjoyed the rest of the game side by side and we both agreed that Bronco should have stuck with the run. Max threw 5 picks.

I attempted to relate the story on Cougarboard to acknowledge sportsmanship on their side, but the word “Damn” got it flagged for potential vulgarity. Later I was sent the message that it word be approved if I changed "damn’ to “darn”. WTF??

I then changed “Damn” to “D***” with a footnote saying- The “D*****” rhymes with ham, and the moderators are “P******” synonym for kitties.

This of course got me a 1 day ban from the stick up their ass mods.

So I appealed saying “Boy you really have a stick up, don’t you get the point and can you not see you are parodies of BYU fans?”

My guess is I never be allowed to post there again.

Are they really unable to see why we ridicule them??? Dumb F***s (I do have some self control)

Don’t go there. There’s no need.


I’m sorry, but for pure comedy gold it really is one of the best sites on the internet. It’s like watching a dog walk on its hind legs, completely adorable and totally unnatural.


It is an entertaining site and I was being nice. It is just that “Damn” getting flagged is weird.

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That’s why you don’t want to go there. It’s weird there.


They enforce their rules so oddly there. BYU fans can swear.

This just cries out for a that’s what she said.


Heh, I just created an account there to let the ute fans that are active there that there is a better site for them to post at (which would be here) and my post got deleted. Does that mean they like us over there?


there seems to be a few Ute fans that post over there simply to aggravate Y fans. I dont understand that.

Y fans were insufferable pricks for years, so I get the U fans trying to aggravate them. It’s part of the karma they deserve for still having an undeserved sense of entitlement.


I’m a child of the 70’s and hate BYU as much as anybody (or used to - not so much now that we own them) - but really - who has time for that!?!?

I have more important things to do, than spend time on a board of a rival, who is NO LONGER A RIVAL, engaging them, if they can possibly be engaged, in… what???

People - don’t go there! Don’t lower your IQ!

Time to move on. We are on the verge of winning the south, possibly winning the PAC, and possibly being selected to the CFP. Or, failing that, perhaps (and this is my hope) playing in the Rose Bowl.

Who, in the middle of the 80’s, would have every thought THIS MIGHT HAPPEN!?!

Forget the past, forget BYU - and enjoy the present, and future.

Go Utes!!!


I don’t understand the Utah fans who regularly post over there, like to have actual discussions and not just to troll. Just can’t wrap my mind around that.

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LOL - as mentioned I got my post deleted on Cougarboard for encouraging the Utes to check out UFN again = El Jefe enforced the ban. That’s a very insecure group there, and I’ll admit, CougarBoard is an extension of El Jefe’s personality. That might be disturbing on a few other levels.