When Kyle Whittingham retires from coaching

how will you guys feel if he runs the BYU alumni flag out for a rivalry football game?

I genuinely believe he cares little for BYU based on some of the tidbits I’ve heard over the years.


With what happened with Fred…he may run out a flag, but it won’t be at a BYU - Utah game.


You are most likely right I just thought it would be something interesting to discuss. And I’m bored.

When he is done coaching we are going to get him to come to every game and in between the 1 and 2nd quarters we are going to spolight him in his seat and have a moment of silence for awesome he is. ( based on his current haircut plus all he is done for the football team)


I don’t think he would. But honestly I wouldn’t care.

He should. Outside of Edwards he’s easily the most successful BYU alumni college football coach — just as USU should have asked Lavell to bring out a flag. But just as Lavell shouldn’t bring it out vs BYU, Whit shouldn’t bring it out vs Utah ……and would be classless to even ask it of them to do so.


Well, I guess then we should expect it.

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