When is the last time this happened? Anyone know?

1/3rd of the Top 12 are SEC teams and another 1/3rd is the Pac 12. It sorta feels like the P12 Conference Champ is going to be in the Playoff this season.

It will be Georgia, Ohio St (or Michigan), Clemson, and TCU (or Alabama or Tennessee)

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Yep hate to say it but I think there will be 2 SEC teams again. The playoff expansion can’t get here soon enough.


I think most people have written off Alabama. Which I love.

Bama will weasel their way in. Georgia will beat Tennessee, Ohio St will beat Michigan (or vice versa), TCU or Clemson will unexpectedly drop one. My guess is the only thing that will keep Bama out is if they lose in the SEC chamionship game.

Alabama will have to win the conference to “weasel” their way in. With a loss on the road by a field goal I doubt you can call it weasel if they do that.

I see it that the committee will always take an undefeated conference champ. That means, I think.

  1. Clemson (who will be undefeated I would assume)
  2. Georgia or Tennessee (whoever wins, unless Alabama wins the CCG)
  3. Ohio St or Michigan (whoever wins)
  4. TCU (if undefeated, looking good for them)

I don’t think Oregon gets in even with the only loss being Georgia. The hope for the PAC-12 is a one loss USC gets in over either TCU or Clemson, if either loses.

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Clemson will lose and wouldn’t be shocked if TCU does as well.


Here are Clemson’s remaining games.

Nov 5 - @Notre Dame
Nov 12 - Louisville
Nov 19 - Miami (FL)
Nov 26 - South Carolina

Three of the final 4 at home, theoretically, all of these games can be lost, but if Clemson gets by ND, they will be undefeated.


Nov 5 - Texas Tech
Nov 12 - @Texas
Nov 19 - @Baylor
Nov 26 - Iowa State

This is a harder schedule than Clemson. Texas is the big one. I think they beat Tech, and if they get by Texas, they are going undefeated (Baylor lost to BYU for heck sake).


Clemson will have back 2 back against ND and UofL which are playing their best football. I think most people missed the Cardinals smoking a top 25 team this weekend. South Carolina also will be a tough game. Then you have the ACC title game if they run the table. I don’t think that team makes it.

TCU, I am opposite on. I think they overlook Tech before Texas.

We saw the end of the WF-Louisville game. Louisville smacked WF around pretty good.

Same Wake that took Clemson to OT. Clemson has also had close calls against FSU and Syracuse the past two weeks.

Clemson does look and act a bit vulnerable. Clemson losing a game would not surprise me.

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I think Clemson is the most overrated team in the country.


I didn’t miss Louisville winning a big game against a highly rated Wake, but that was at home and the biggest game to date for them. I don’t see it happening against Clemson, at Clemson. I think Clemson will be an undefeated ACC champ and will make the playoff. You disagree, fine. That is what makes a betting market (so to speak).

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You mean other than BYZoob this year. :rofl:


Well, it’s all set up for 2 SEC teams to be in the top 4. The Ohio St/Michigan loser will drop, and Bama will move up. If Bama wins the SEC championship game then it will be them and whoever loses that game (Georgia/Tenn) in the top 4.

Now, if Bama loses the SEC championship game, they are out.

So, I’ll go with Georgia, Ohio St, Clemson, and TCU (or Bama is they win the SEC)

The crazy thing is All 5 of those teams have another loss in them. It is crazy that Georgia and Tennessee have two QBs older than many of the NFL Second and third year QBs.

Well, Clemson is undefeated so I guess they have that going for them. Zoobtopia has no excuse……ever.