What's your prediction on the size of the Pac-12 media deal?

I’m guessing $20 million. And Pac-12 will be down to Wazzu and Oregon State.

Something like that with subscription escalators ala Messi’s deal with Apple TV. Not close enough and needs other partners.

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My prediction (sadly) is that Utah is going to be begging the B12 for an invite. Back to Provo and other ■■■■■■ locations.


I’d still rather be in Stoolwater and Lames, as opposed to Provo.


Right now, I am reminded of a statements made by Agent K to Agent J in MIB about reacting…

“Relax, every day there is a threat to destroy the planet.”

What will happen will happen. All we can do is go ride our bikes, go fishing, read a book…or whatever you like to do for fun, and just let this thing play out. It’s going to play out…one way or another; and though one sucks giant disease-festering donkey balls, the truth is it could be worse.

Oh to the FOIA idea, as long as the negotiations haven’t been ratified, all the documents are protected records. Once the deal is ratified and signed, it becomes an open record only inasmuch as no private proprietary information is disclosed. In that event, a redacted copy can be made available. Yes, I have had to deal with more than a few of these things over the last decade and a half.


Yeah right?

I filed a FOIA request nearly a year ago for adoption data from the state dept am still waiting

Sheesh, at least with a smutty romance novel you get a known outcome and a happy ending.


But you will have to be in both…