What's with KSL..?

…Linking a “Partner” article to a Deseret News puff-piece on Cougar Board.
I couldn’t finish the story. Apparently CB is one of the leading social media sites in the world. Seems rather extraordinary.

In their own minds…

Given the volume of “Church News” being published in the Trib now, the whole paper has turned into a big nothingburger for news.

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Did the Trib. have this link? I saw it on KSL’s site but don’t recall seeing it on Trib’s site. (no interest in following at all as we all know what that cesspool Zoobboard is like and I feel it is not at all representative of most of my family/friends who still follow BYU.)

Something I find ironic about your comment is I know people, one of whom is in my house right now as I type this, who believes the Tribune is evil and constantly attacking the CoJCoLDS. Like you, I see them covering them almost to excess. Let’s take the church hierarchy at the signing of the Respect for Marriage Act event last week. That was the primary focus of the article on the event. No mention of any other faith being represented. I get it’s playing to the market, but it seems mostly slanted.

I’ll also say that Andy Larsen’s weekly data review articles are fantastic. The one this week about using some web apps to determine commute times using various methods of transportation was very good. I think Paighten Harkins, Josh Newman, Bryan Schott, and Robert Gehrke do a good job as well. Frankly, their partnership with Fox 13 on investigative reporting is helping bring to light a lot of the crap that goes on within the Utah State government, especially Sean Reyes’s antics. They’re proof of the need for local journalism.


I will be using Andy’s report as proof positive that we need to get off our collective butts and develop a real mass transit system in the valley.

In case you didn’t notice, it showed if you live west of about 3200 West, you don’t have a viable transit alternative for driving. Going from Magna to downtown on transit is no bueno simply based on time factors alone. UTA will try to sell us on their value. Unfortunately I just don’t see it, especially living in East Tooele County.


It’s unfortunate some of the journalists you mentioned also use a lot of antics to get the story they want instead of the story they find.

Sadly the Utah market lost probably the best reporter we’ve had in years when Jeremy Harris left 2.

When I ran options from my house that’s practically dead center in the valley, I showed quantifiably that I was in a transit desert in spite of being about 10 minutes from the Murray Central Trax and Frontrunner station. Only if I wanted to go west along 5400 S could I get very far in 30 minutes. I’ll still take Trax downtown for things at Vivint or Eccles just to avoid parking hassles, maybe even the U, but aside from that transit does very little for me. That’s frustrating when you have been to lots of places where it works well and wish it did here.

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All this American Exceptionalism we hear all the time, yet our transit system sucks and blows like no other.


That is correct I’m sorry I’m in error it was KSL I’ll post it

TRAX is great at getting lots of people to/from the major sports venues like theJazz Arena, Rice-Eccles, Hunty, Rio Tinto (bit of a walk), Maverick Center, etc., as long as you can get yourself to the TRAX line.

But getting from point A to point B in the valley is often quite inefficient.


Real Exceptional people don’t take transit, they drive cars.

It depends on if you have the time to take it.

I live not too far from the daybreak station, the end of the red line. It’s faster for me to drive to the U.

We recently had a doctors appointment for our son at Primary. To get to the 745 appointment on time we would have had to catch a 622 train, which meant leaving at like 605 to drive to the station. Instead we left our house at 650 and were there 20 minutes early.

Trax is great…if you have the time to make it work.

Your example is a good one about why a surface system like Trax can only be a portion of transit solutions. I liken it to the surface trams I rode in Vienna and Prague last summer. Those were great for modest distances, but if you want to get across town quickly you take their subways.

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What’s this all about? Is there a link, or is it just a waste of time even to read?

I tried to link it. I’ll try to link it again. It I was a three page long puff-piece. Just going on and on about how amazing Cougar Board is. How it’s the most iconic website for college sports ever.
In Praise of BYU’s CougarBoard commiserators - Deseret News https://www.deseret.com/sports/2022/12/16/23506121/in-praise-of-byus-cougarboard-commiserators?_amp=true

Saw it, thanks. Couldn’t bring myself to read the whole thing.

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Well they do appear to get a ton of participation with a bunch of different opinions. I respect that. (EDIT: No access to politics & religion. Would like to take a quick peek at those topics.)

I never go there unless directed to something remarkably dumb. My recollection from the past, however, is that politics and religion there are anywhere from the center to the far right, and the religion forum is the same. That was one of the main reasons that alternative boards like CougarGuard and later CougarStadium started. Of course, the latter two became the opposite of Cougarboard, everything from center to far left, and very anti-LDS orthodoxy. I don’t know what’s happening on those sites now, but at the time, the combination of those three boards provided a very…interesting perspective into LDS thought and life. There was a lot of the worst of both extremes.

Cougar Board is more a support group than a sports forum.