What's the best way to get tickets generally?

Me and 3 friends are interested in going to a game this year. We were initially thinking this week but didn’t get organized quickly enough so now we are thinking further down the road. We don’t normally watch in person because of the hassle of parking, traffic, etc., but thought it would be fun to try to go to a game this year.

What is the best way to get tickets? Subhub? or should we be looking somewhere else?

Thanks in advance!

MIght try flashseats. They’ve moved season hoops tix there this year (and suspect football will be that way next season). There are some listings there right now for tomorrow’s game.

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I hadn’t heard of flashseats. Thanks, I’ll check that out.

I generally use seatgeek for finding tickets to anything. It’s like kayak is for flights, but for getting tickets. They also rate the deals on tickets to let you know if the price seems good or not.

Season hoops tickets went out by flashseats to us this season (likely football will do the same next season) so LOTS of Utah fans will potentially be using that going forward.

That sounds great because I have no idea what is and isn’t a good price. Thanks!

2nd for flashseats. Ksl as well.

just don’t get scalped.

Anybody I know who needs to sell their tickets puts them on FlashSeats. Easy to transfer via phone. All digital

Can almost always find some decent seats on Ksl dot com classifieds.