What's going on with KALL 700?

I don’t listen to much radio, usually just during drive times and sometimes at lunch. However, on at least three separate occasions in the past two weeks, KALL has gone completely silent for quite a long time.

  • Early last week, they went silent for about 15 minutes during my drive home around 4:00.
  • Went out for about 10 minutes around lunchtime last Friday.
  • Today, they weren’t broadcasting anything from 11:00-11:30 when I went to lunch. Just complete silence.

It’s not just me either…a number of folks in one of the FB groups mentioned the same thing. Apparently folks are still hearing the online broadcast, but there’s nothing going out over the air.

Very strange, not sure what’s going on over there.

I heard once that it’s an FCC violation for broadcasters to go silent like that. But I don’t know.

I don’t know about what you’ve noticed. The only explanation I can think of is transmitter issues. Unfortunately those issues didn’t surface last week when Spence Checketts decided to talk about how to ditch a woman on the first date and man-scaping. I really am not interested in that on a sports radio program.

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11:00 to 11:30 would have been the Utah Basketball press conference. There was some technical glitch with the over-the-air broadcasting of the feed from the hill? The online stream was fine. It was not 30 mins long and and then Riley came on saying he was in Lehi or somesuch doing a remote - I cut it off after the Larry K conference and got some lunch. The engineer should catch such things and sub-in some canned music/be-right-back receorded statement.

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Technical difficulties at the press conference would certainly explain today’s outage.

But like you, I find the fact that it wasn’t caught by an engineer at some level to be extremely odd. The fact it has happened multiple times even moreso.

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