What's going on at USU?

I just read on KSL and ESPN that Coach Anderson is out at USU. Administrative Leave is what I read.

The timing of this seems odd to me. I hope USU can do well, but they do seem to find ways to shoot themselves in the foot.

I’ve got to think Jay Hill would be an option for USU. I would rather see him there than byu.


sounds like they discovered some recruiting violations or something else in violation of something

Hate to see this happen to them with the season just around the corner.

Whatever happened had to be really bad.

This might have had something to do with the timing of naming Scalley the HC in waiting.

Wonder if BYU will do a copy cat…


Jay Hill ought to be able to parlay this into successor in waiting status if he doesnt want the USU job.

I feel like Jay Hill would be a lot better at byu than Sitake is, so I hope USU hires him away. Of course when the byu job opens, he would leave USU for byu anyway.

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Word is he mishandled sexual assault and domestic violence situations

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The matter he mishandled occurred in the spring of 2023. Jerry Bovee, the interim AD and one other guy were also released. Anderson has 14 days to appeal. Feel bad for the players. Although they can enter the portal, I can’t believe many schools are hanging onto open scholarships at this late date.


Morgan signed the contract to become next HC in November of 2023 after USC fired their DC and were coming hard at Morgan.


I’m pretty familiar with Tom Mars. Utah State is gonna have its hands full.

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