What Would The CFP 12-Teams Look Like After Week 11

These rankings are ballpark what we think the committee is doing tomorrow. Taking bias out and just choosing the higher seed for Conf Champ

First-round bye: 1. Georgia (SEC Champ) 2. Ohio State (Big 1G Champ) 3. Washington (Pac 12 Champ) 4. FSU (ACC Champ). This week FSU and Washington flip-flopped.

5 Michigan (At-Large) vs 12 Tulane (Highest Rated G5) at Ann Arbor. (Game 1)
6 Oregon (At-Large) vs 11 Louisville (At Large) at Eugene (Game 2)
7 Texas (Big XII Champ) 10 Penn State (At Large) at Austin (Game 3)
8 Alabama (At Large) 9 Ole Miss (At Large) at Tuscaloosa (Game 4)

Next Four Out: Missouri, Oregon State, Tennessee, and Utah.

(Locations using 2024 locations)
Winner of Game 4 vs UGA (Atlanta in Peach)
Winner of Game 3 vs Ohio State (Los Angeles in Rose)
Winner of Game 2 vs Washington (Tempe in Fiesta)
Winner of Game 1 vs FSU (New Orleans in Sugar)

This season is a year we needed this with the parity. Utah would be able to make the playoff down the stretch in this scenario by winning out. Not so much in the 4 team model.

When I first heard about the 12 team change, it was apparent that’s our best shot at finding the next step up the ladder.

PAC has always been the Conference of Cannibals (as SLC Greg puts it), so it will be interesting to see how things go next year, but I agree that’s our best shot.


It will be interesting. As is, we see the 3 teams from Big 10 and SEC, 2 from PAC and ACC, 1 from Big 12, 1 G5. I wonder if the committee will manipulate seeds a little (like in this case, at the end switch Ole Miss and Penn St) to avoid 3 same-conference teams in the same quarter of the bracket, etc. Or try to avoid conference re-matches until the semis. Only so much you can do, but would make sense.

I like seeing this posted as it evolves. With Ole Miss playing UGA, UM vs. Penn St. AND Ohio St., FSU v L’ville (likely in CCG), and just all the other games, this will likely change dramatically (just like some years where CFP or even BCS looked set then the last week had an explosion of upsets).


Unfortunately the format that includes the six highest-rated conf champs has only been agreed for the first two years of the expanded playoff. After that, I’m sure it will become exceedingly difficult to make it in as a non-P2 team. Which is why it’ll be crucial for us to get a seat at the ‘adults table’ when the major realignment hits.


That will be interesting since there will be the big 4 and with the demise of PAC12, there will be two ‘G5’ champs in there for 2 years. Like Tulane - AAC AND James Madison - Sun Belt (or AFA -MWC or Liberty - CUSA).

This is week 11 projection. It’s going to get even more messy that I think you will see them wanting to add Conference v Conference to eliminate any complaints.

I don’t know if it will. You’re going to see teams with 1 loss be chosen over 2 loss P2 schools. The G5 component is the only screw job that probably will happen.

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Well I know one thing, the Power2 will do everything imaginable to shut everyone else out after 2025 - I guess the question is how successful they’ll be. And I’m not so sure that ‘tweeners’ like the Big12 and ACC will be in a great spot. It’s this very situation that the pundits are predicting will drive a groundswell of realignment. Ultimately I think it’s a “you’re in or you’re out” thing.


No way the ACC lasts until 2036 when GOR expires. ESPN will see a way to reconfigure the conferences to their liking and profit. Can Disney just sell it already? Let’s just get to a more sustainable ‘end-state’ separate from NCAA for football and get back to regions for most other sports.

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Eh. I don’t know how you see that. It doesn’t benefit the illusion of a CFP if you only pull from two conferences. I see a massive merger before that happening.

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So do you think the first two years’ format will continue on? Honest question. It was agreed before the Power2 had the power (no pun intended) they do now and will keep building on.

Would love to see a total equitable playoff post 2025. Maybe I’m just really jaded but, I’m certainly not alone on this one.

I just don’t see a real benefit to it. You will drop to 4 autobids and the one that could be lost is the G5. If they boot the G5 you can then have 8 At Large.

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I like your optimism!

You’re implying that the Big12 is just a temporary stop for Utah? I hope so, because I don’t see much about this conference that is interesting to me as a fan. And I’m one of the Ute fans that gives zero f’s about playing the TDS. That’s more interesting for Mormons and Utah residents, for me, it’s like playing an FCS school.

I would love to be in the Big 10 making another USC QB break down. :smiley:


I think if it ends up being 2 super-conferences, the Big 12 and ACC teams will be split up/pulled into the B1G and SEC (maybe some renames are needed in the new paradigm, like AFC/NFC :wink: ). We’ll end up in the group with mostly current B1G members, but it won’t be because we are AAU*

*lest anyone gets offended :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I am generally offended about a lot of things…does that count? :wink:


Well if it’s not temporary, we’re in trouble. Whitt has said as much, and FWIW has made comments to the effect that he sees us getting in.

As for myself, I’m probably too jaded on topics like this to have an objective opinion.

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With the focus on Gymnastics, Hoops and Smash Mouth football I think the SEC is a perfect fit.

Gotta say, I don’t get why the Big XII doesn’t interest you. You add Kansas and a bunch of great hoops, added footprint in Texas and I always looked at Utah as a better fit culturally and politically with Texas Schools than Bay Area schools.

As you’ve said though you are in Syracuse and basically a Canadian so that makes sense.

I went to Utah and Texas so have followed both conferences and PAC12 has just been more interesting to me. Plus, Big 12 probably won’t last.

I think the superconferences will be football and not all sports, but we shall see. For olympic sports, PAC was the best.

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Believe it or not, I really think there is a case to be made that rolls backwards. The next 4 years will test the stamina of the Super 4.

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The WAC 16 fell apart pretty fast. That fateful meeting of 8 ADs in the Denver airport to form the MWC (and network) tried to make it right again. But there was no money at the time. Now it’s the networks that seem to be in charge and the students have to travel more.

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