What time period has been the most divisive on UF.N?

Many probably think now is. But Fall 2002 to Spring 2003 was the most heated in my opinion. Iraq War plus Ronnie Mac firing…some really heated discussions.

It gets pretty divisive every presidential election year. The candidates are usually pretty polarizing so it’s bound to happen.

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Don’t remember exactly when, but my first go-around here it was pretty ugly, which was the reason I left. Went to Utehub. Left Utehub a while ago because all the far-right comments and attitudes. Generally, I am not political – as long as candidates are capable and are decent human-beings.

IMO, the current crop, state and federal, is bad and this is not about politics. I don’t do far-right or far-left. If you can’t be a decent human-being, then screw you – that’s my attitude. I then take my a$$ else where, and now I’m back to the latest iteration of UFN. I also don’t take sports too personally, even though I was a collegiate athlete at the U.


Thanks for contributing to the University of Utah as a scholar-athlete.
I think if the majority of Americans recognize a middle path, the country may benefit greatly.
I think most of us generally agree on most things…

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In terms of sports, I remember it being a pretty tumultuous time when debating Boylen’s fate during his last couple of years.

Also, I remember one time I posted my top 10 films of the year in 2007, and Mr Crimson jumped down my throat because I didn’t include the movie Juno. I mean, honestly, Juno has its good points, but a top 10 film? No. That was a funny “divisive” moment.

Pffft - everyone, literally everyone, loved Boylen…

I’ve been visiting UF.N since sometime in the early 2000’s, and I never recall ANY disagreement, or controversy at all.

And anyone who says otherwise is full of ■■■■!

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Case in point - literally EVERYONE agreed that Ludwig should be fired (the first time around), beginning the day he was hired.

Had to be years ago. There was one poster who nearly single-handedly destroyed UFN. Had an uncontrollable temper, and it didn’t matter the topic.

I wonder if he was the impetus that moved LA to create UB5. UB5 was the best board going, but is a ghost town nowadays. Lost some terrific posters in the switch.

Lol, I am raging conservative here and a flaming liberal there. Good times.


I haven’t been to Utehub in ages, is it basically Cougarboard level politics for Utes?


Pretty much. And it infests everything.

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Who would that be?

That was bizarre. I honestly can’t recall Juno although I know I saw it. Couldn’t have been that good.

I think that was right around the same time jdartute got lit up by a cop because he walked by him in a crowded Huntsman Center concourse without replying to a hello. Tensions were very high.

UtahBy5 was an offshoot of CougarUteForum.com. That board had a good following but the owners got bitter over PAC12 and changed the name to CougarStadium.com and basically asked the Ute fans to leave. It’s too bad, I thought it was a good board that filled a niche and didn’t detract from UF.N.

Basically, yeah.

I only stick around there because there’s one poster (OnlyU) who is part of the football staff. A bunch of folks apparently know who he is, but I’m not 100% sure and have never asked. He posts lots of really good insights on what’s going on with the team.

The two 5-7 seasons were pretty contentious. Lots of finger pointing and angst.

Looking back, we were a bunch of spoiled brats who were used to seeing a team play 3-5 legit games and a bowl game a season. We had no clue what a 9 game conference war was like.

We do now.


It’s bad…like blaming Lauren McCluskey for her death, full on anti-maskers COVID-deniers, quite a bit of racism sprinkled on top…

I like the football side of things, but man…there are some characters over there.

And Onlyu is a god over there. He has a cult-like following…

So, yeah, it is Utah’s version of cougarboard.


Which is why it is ok for Utah fans to say that G5 haven’t earned a seat at the playoff table.

There is nothing wrong with changing an opinion when new information is presented. I was wrong when we were in the MWC. The week in, week out grind is real. No team with 1-2 P5 win “deserves” a spot over a team with 8-11 P5 wins.


I don’t agree with this, though I hear Ute fans say it all the time. Our 2004/2008 teams would have done very well in the Pac-12. You can’t use the 2012 team as evidence that the 2008 team would have struggled in the “grind” of a P5 season. There’s no logic in that.

I know some solid dudes that posted over there - too bad things got fractured the way they did and Tony plugged a hole when things were going down. I like having politics segregated from the rest of the board as an opt-in - and I think the political discourse has been pretty civilized with me its worst offender. It’d be nice to have us all come together again, and even a lot of those guys on Twitter/FB and get this place hopping again.

But I also don’t love the idea of having to get into heavy moderation. Overall though, and I’m biased, but I think the new format of the board is great, does really well on mobile, etc. I’m glad we got forced to make the jump.