What sort of CYA BS is this?

I just stumbled across this. My first reaction was “WTF, what sort of (expletive) is this?”

Since I don’t follow HBCU schools very much I was just flabbergasted. On r/cfb this type of reaction seems to be par for the course for some HBCUs. If so, why? Someone mentioned that HBCUs with better academics this is pretty common. I just don’t know. Seems pretty unethical to me, and really bad for program morale.

Outside looking in, this does not look good for Morehouse. I will say that I don’t know anything more that what is in the article. So my reaction may very well be an overreaction.

Unless the guy is doing some really bad stuff behind the veil, you are right. It is a really bad look. That said, I have seen several articles in the news lately that have been less than flattering about HCBU’s.

I am starting to think in trying to develop some exclusivity, these schools (and the Ivy League) are developing some unrealistic expectations that are becoming increasingly detrimental to their institutions.

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Maybe they are making room for Sanders’ triumphal HBCU return? I’m sure his kid will be stunning in D-II.

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