What service do you use?

I used to have dish to watch all the Utah football games but recently canceled. What streaming service do you use to get all the games without having a subscription?

Thinking about sling but haven’t taken the time to invest in the setup/pros and cons.
dishes expensive but I do like to pack 12 channel actually and I I like watching PAC12 sports, particularly women’s soccer and gymnastics

I do sling - a few advantages:

  1. You can cancel at any time - so no contracts
  2. They have two packages, orange or blue (or both) - Orange has ESPN, Blue has Fox Sports - but you can even switch week to week, so there is no need to get both.
  3. I’ve had zero issues streaming, particularly as of late - I have been an early cord cutter. Sling is pretty solid these days.

Streaming still isn’t as convenient as dish or cable, but for a guy like me who doesn’t watch a ton of TV and isn’t the type to flip channels, but just sit down to watch a game or whatever, it is great. Sling also comes with a free cloud DVR now too, so you can even record the game and start late to skip commercials etc.

I’m a football and basketball fan, so I turn it on in August and shut if off in March typically (this year I’m turning it on November). Also, as a new subscriber they have some pretty good intro deals, including free streaming devices, or discounts if you buy multiple months at once, etc.


FYI, there won’t be any games on PAC-12 channels this fall. You just need ABC, FOX, ESPN channels and FXSports.


Like Rocker, we use Sling, when there is a season. We’ll renew as the season gets closer, and only for the season.

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I make no representations related to this site, but in a whispering voice I say… this site rocks.


interesting. Eurosport is on there. May have to look more closely.

We made a have made a huge change several months ago now. We dropped cable, Satellite and the like and move FreeTvee.com. With that we added Sling and now get more games than we can count as well a cost savings that keep adding up

Seems like this might be my best option. I watch very little TV and just want to be able to watch the Utes when they play. I like the idea of just paying for a few months.