What’s with our student section throwing snowballs at our own guys. Dip$hits

Seriously stupid on some peoples’ parts.


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Really grinds my gears. They are just drunk kids though. Not really surprising? Glad it never resulted in a penalty or what not.

what’s with message board dicks blaming the entire student section for the actions of 1 or 2 jackasses?

What was confusing about “ some people’s parts”? Oh, and there were at least a dozen. Were you one?


The confusing part is your title blames the whole section, then in the small print you add “some people’s parts”. You highlighted the fact it was from the student section which made me think the entire section was the focus of your complaint. You could have just said what’s with idiots throwing snow balls. but your post made the entire section the focus… and no, I was in the NEZ.

Or you could have read it.


You’re right, it couldn’t have possibly been your presentation.

p.s. sorry for calling you a message board dick, that was a little strong.