What’s going on with the UTES?

So what is the deal with the UTES? There just seems to me to be a lack of consistency. I mean it’s like sometimes there just smoking hot, and then suddenly it’s like an ice bath. Or is it just me?

You can say that about many teams this year. Even Alabama has looked uneven at times this season. I don’t think there is a simple answer. Personally, I think the weird Covid season is a big factor. For Utah, we lost spring ball, then only had 5 games, and no bowl game. That is a lot of practice time Utah lost.


The HFIL you talking about. Utes have been clicking since October.


I think the only team that has been consistently good this year is Georgia. Everyone else has had good and not as good games.

What we can all reflect on now is that the Utes steamrolled both of these teams:

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I like how the Utes have played in their conference games. I wondered yesterday how they managed to lose to Oregon State, but, hey, things happen. Otherwise, the guys have played some great football for seven weeks. And the Utes are still on track to win the South, win the conference championship, and win the Rose Bowl–if they continue to play well.

We’ve got five games still to enjoy. Life is good. And it’s always a good day to be Ute.

Go Utes!


We did it with a gift of 21 points to OSU. They couldn’t punch the ball into the end zone twice in 4th-and-one situations–14 points. And we gave them a touchdown on the first of two blocked kicks–7 more points. (We were saved from the second blocked kick by a penalty.)


OSU ran over us like we did to Stanford. We could not stop their run game. Hopefully the team learned a lesson.

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Kyle was specific in addressing the defensive assignment issues the UTES had vs OSU.
He summed up by saying that guys tried to do too much and neglected their 1/11th.

We missed a few goal line opportunities. Even saw Rising still throwing in front of the endzone instead of into the end zone.

ST mistakes addressed above. In short: Growing Pains.