What on earth has happened to Gach’s game?

Aside from that pretty good block a minute or so ago, he looks like he forgot everything that made him great against UK. In fairness he’s not alone. The Utes look totally reckless tonight.

I suspect Larry is asking the same thing. Hence the other kid playing a lot more lately

Something tells me Gach and Allen bail at the end of the season.

In another note did not realize Donnie Daniels was back.

Allen is looking like a Johnny-One-Note with his only move being the drive to the basket thing. He made a couple of shots last night, but for the most part this year, it is just the move to the basket and teams have figured that out.

ASU made sure to have bigger guys guarding him that it was tougher to get around. A lot of his shots were simply thrown in the air in desperation. Now if we had a nails 3 point guy or two that could float out to the corner and knock them down, he should start to draw and kick. That would keep teams honest.

One thing that I noticed also was that we didn’t commit many fouls. That’s not the first time we’ve had a bunch to give at the ends of halves, and it’s kind of a sign of soft D. If you’re defending you will commit fouls sometimes. Younger guys need to get used to position D and providing better weak side help. That’s all coachable.