What is the measuring stick for college football success?

The measuring stick for basketball appears to be getting to the NCAA tournament. (Only 68 of 353 D1 schools). It can’t be simply getting to a bowl game as 68 of 129 D1 schools go bowling. I would say that a 6-3 PAC record and 9-3 total (since we rarely play another P5 OOC) should be considered acceptable. With the upcoming schedule, is anything less than 9-3 successful?

Weber St. - W
@BYU - W
@USC - L
@OSU - W
@ Stanford - W
@ Ariz. - W
Oregon - L
CU - W

I’d say a winning conference record in a P5 is a good season. I know others feel like that bar is too low.

I’m surprised people are high on us this season. We have a new QB, new RB, and we lost two of our best WRs. Neither of the lines was overly impressive last season (where was sack lake city?).

Our rebuilding year was 2020, but was shortened and we lost some significant skill position players with transfers and Ty’s tragic death. And we didn’t have any full 60 minute performances by any means.

8 or 9 wins might be as high as we can reasonably expect this season.

With Ty, I think our chances of a CC was very, very good. He was, as they say, a game changer (literally). Without him, we’ll just have to see what we have offensively. The D will not let us down.


i might be an outlier, but since we’ve been in the league for more than 10 years now and we’ve shown some progress, the lowest measure of success is to win the South. If we have an issue doing that, we need to re-think things.

Every year? With USC in the South? That seems like an awfully high bar to me.


if you want to be great, expectations have to be calibrated to what ‘great’ is.

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National Title for every recruiting class at minimum.

One of the highest % of returners in College Football:


Can’t wait until 9/11

Now I’m curious to know the historical correlation between this stat and a team’s actual performance.


If you want to get in the weeds with it. Weighting by position makes sense:

What it doesn’t account for is a guy like Brewer who has been a 4 year starter at QB in the big 12 but not at Utah. Transfers make it tricky. BYU is last but added Puka and Samson who will make their WR group a lot better than their return starts. Wonder if they have data on how that impacts results