What if Utah gets their signature win on Friday?

Hear me out. Everybody is scared for this game. I am one who is actually confident that Utah is going to go out and get a signature win. Here’s why:

  1. Oregon State is super reliant on their running game to open up the pass. Well, Utah is DESTROYING their opponents’ running game. I do not see Oregon State being able to rush against Utah because NOBODY has been able to do that in the slightest.

  2. If Oregon State is forced to pass, I do not trust DJU to be able to consistently beat Utah’s secondary. Especially with his inaccuracy. He also struggles under pressure.

  3. The Beavers’ defense was extremely susceptible to the pass against Wazzu, and I like Utah’s ability to move the ball against them through the air. Even if they don’t score a bunch, Utah’s defense is so elite right now that 20-25 points are good enough to beat pretty much anybody.

  4. Utah’s defense is beyond elite, and I think they’re going to give DJU nightmares. They’re seriously like the 1985 Chicago Bears defense at the college level. I almost feel bad for the opponents who have to go up against them. Including Oregon State.

  5. After seeing Oregon State lose at Wazzu (they had to score 3 TD’s in the 4th quarter to lose by 3) while also seeing how Utah’s defense absolutely destroyed UCLA’s supposedly high flying offense (they were averaging 40+ points per game coming into their game against Utah), it gives me confidence that Utah can slow them or even shut them down enough for our offense to score enough points to win in a close game.

All that being said, my prediction is that Utah wins this game on Friday night 21-14, with Oregon State scoring a touchdown, getting a 2-point conversion, and two field goals. If Cam comes back, I have Utah winning 28-14, as he alone is good enough to give them an additional touchdown. I predict that many points for Utah because Oregon State isn’t even close to as good defensively as either of Florida or UCLA this year. Both the Bruins and the Gators are Top 10 defenses so far. Oregon State is like the 45th best defense. I like Utah’s chances, even at Oregon State.

Love the analysis and hope you are spot on. I dont see Cam coming back soon. He’s just 8 months out from an ACL repair. 9 months is considered a remarkable recovery. Imagine having an ACL repair and being gaitor rolled by a linebacker… It’s not leg strength that’s lacking. Tissue needs time. A tendon need to molecularily transform itself into a stout ligament. Rather seem him come in near or at the end (of a successful season) and take it home.
But I love your spirit. No one expected us to beat a lot of teams.


My analysis…

…if we win, great; if we lose, oh well. Life goes on.