What if the Playoff was a 16 team in 2020

Using the final CFP Rankings and taking the 10 Conference Champs and 6 at large. Obviously first two rounds are home games for a higher seed.

#1 Alabama vs #16 Marshall at Tuscaloosa Gm1
#8 Cincinnati vs #9 Georgia at Cincinnati Gm 2
#4 Notre Dame vs #13 San Jose State at South Bend Gm 3
#5 Texas A&M vs #12 Coastal Carolina at College Station Gm 4

#2 Clemson vs #15 Ball State at Clemson Gm 5
#7 Florida vs #10 Iowa State at Gainesville Gm 6
#3 Ohio State vs #14 Oregon at Columbus Gm 7
#6 Oklahoma vs 11 Indiana at Norman Gm 8

Second Round
Game 9: Gm 1 Winner vs Gm 2 Winner
Game 10: Gm 3 Winner vs Gm 4 Winner
Game 11: Gm 5 Winner vs Gm 6 Winner
Game 12: Gm 7 Winner vs Gm 8 Winner

Third Round
Game 13: Gm 9 Winner vs Gm 10 Winner
Game 14: Gm 11 Winner vs Gm 12 Winner

Gm 13 Winner vs Gm 14 Winner

List of teams and why they are in:
B12- Oklahoma
B1G- Ohio State
CUSA- Marshall
MAC- Ball State
MWC- San Jose State
P12- Oregon
SEC- Alabama
Sun Belt- Coastal

Six At Large:
Notre Dame
Texas A&M
Iowa State

It will be interesting to see how many people will complain about Ball State. This is the fair way to allow all teams a shot at the title, IMHO.

Would’ve been a reason to watch for the less interested.

It’s too bad the blue bloods are unable to catch the vision of this versus the money of the old system.

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True but people on this board even poo poo the idea of all conference champs. It’s weird but I would much rather see Ball State or Marshall in the playoff than adding North Carolina and Northwestern as two more At Large teams. Six at large allows for enough P5 teams to prove worthy.