What if the CFP was started when the BCS started

I have been thinking about this. Think of the games we missed. So, here they are. I think 2008 is the most intriguing. Also, Pete probably would have won a couple more for SC:

#1 Tennesse vs #4 Kansas State
#2 FSU vs. #3 Ohio State

#1 FSU vs #4 Wisconsin
#2 Va Tech vs #3 Nebraska

#1 Oklahoma vs #4 Oregon State
#2 Miami vs #3 Washington

#1 Miami vs #4 Oregon
#2 Nebraska vs #3 Colorado

#1 Miami vs #4 SC
#2 Ohio State vs #3 Georgia

#1 Oklahoma vs #4 Michigan
#2 LSU vs #3 SC

#1 USC vs #4 Texas
#2 Oklahoma vs #3 Auburn

#1 SC vs #4 Ohio State
#2 Texas vs #3 Penn State

#1 Ohio State vs #4 LSU
#2 Florida vs #3 Michigan

#1 Ohio State vs #4 Oklahoma
#2 LSU vs #3 Va Tech

#1 Oklahoma vs #4 Alabama
#2 Florida vs #3 Texas

(Notice what happens the year after Alabama v Utah in G5 schools)
#1 Alabama vs #4 TCU
#2 Texas vs #3 Cincinnati

#1 Auburn vs #4 Stanford
#2 Oregon vs #3 TCU

#1 LSU vs #4 Stanford
#2 Alabama vs #3 Oklahoma State

#1 Notre Dame vs #4 Oregon
#2 Alabama vs #3 Florida

#1 FSU vs #4 Michigan State
#2 Auburn vs #3 Alabama

2014 was the start. I think it’s interesting to look at least the BCS era. It proves we’ve already got a better system than the BCS. I do wish we went to 16 teams.

Wow, that troll job took some effort. Impressive.

What Troll? Showing the CFP games if we didn’t have the BCS? CFP is still lacking because Utah (the 2009 Champion) would not have been given the chance. It also shows the P12 would have had multiple teams in the CFP early on.


What trolling by Bama? He gave us info that has been readily available, but in a more interesting format.

As he, Bama, showed the PAC would have been in the CFP a few more times. It also begs the question, how would the PAC be perceived now if the PAC had been in the CFP more. IMO the PAC would be perceived has a tougher conference, and beats itself up now.

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Actually, thanks for the look back. @BamaFanNKY

The CFP would’ve been interesting during that time frame given the challenges of the BCS. Hate to say it, but the BCS was an improvement over the old “crowning system” that made a muddling mid-major a National Champion for simply going undefeated in 1984.

Still wished I had my “We are Bo Diddley Tech” t-shirt.


Oh, Let’s do that. Let’s see what that program would have faced (using AP final poll before Final rankings post bowl)

#1 Provo Team vs #4 Nebraska (10-2)
#2 Washington (11-1) vs #3 Florida (9-1-1)

They would probably struggle against Nebraska and I think ultimately that Washington team who had a nightmare 4th Quarter against SC would probably beat them. Of course, we’ll never know and I wasn’t old enough to really remember that season (7 year old me was into baseball more).

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I truly wish the 2004 Utah team would have faced a bowl opponent ranked in the top 20 (Pitt was 22 or something like that I believe). Would have loved a matchup against Texas or Auburn to see how good we really were.


Hmmm. Looking at 2004 y’all were in a New Year six. Not sure you would have gotten a better opponent than the Big East champ under CFP. Now under a 16 team tournament you would have had two home games.

…and a national championship.


I will say you were the best team the year you beat us in the Sugar. That 2004 SC team was next level. Granted, you would be champs if you played them since they vacated the title.

They only looked next level because they didn’t play us.


Fair enough. Out of looking for something to do while I eat let’s see what the Playoff would have looked like (11 Conf Champs and 5 At Large) and I was wrong Utah would have two home if Auburn lost to Pitt. Utah getting a home game vs LSU would have been nice:

  1. SC vs 16. North Texas at Los Angeles

  2. Va Tech vs 9. Boise State at Blacksburg

  3. Texas vs 13. Michigan at Austin

  4. Cal vs 12. Iowa at Berkeley

  5. Oklahoma vs 15. Toldeo at Norman

  6. Georgia vs 10. Louisville at Athens

  7. Auburn vs 14. Pitt at Auburn

  8. Utah vs 11. LSU at SLC

Conference Champs
ACC-Va Tech
B12- Oklahoma
BE- Pittsburgh
B10- Michigan
CUSA- Louisville
MAC- Toldeo
MWC- Utah
P12- SC
SEC- Auburn
Sun Belt- N. Texas
WAC- Boise State

At Large

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Another reason I prefer the 2008 Utes over UF

Tim Tebow hasn’t been arrested but he’s still my least favorite.

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