What has happened to the Trib?

I mean, REALLY? No article on men’s basketball game yesterday, the championship of an early season tourney?

I have to go the enemy, the Zoob’s own DesNews to get game coverage. Two articles there. Zippo in the Trib.

What the hell has happened?

It seems to me that the Trib has reverted to its early 19th C roots. Since Huntsman’s last tantrum, there has been more coverage to anti-mormon topics. It’s like the Trib is obsessed. Even the lead sport’s commentator is more passionate about picking out the flaws with the Church than he is sports.

And don’t get me wrong. I’m no fan of the LDS Church. They are guilty of some of the most heinous crimes. And that is precisely why I’m angry. I have to go to the enemy to read about the good guys.

Gosh, I miss John Mooney.

I don’t. He may have written about the Utes, but it was seldom good. And like most sportswriters, when he was wrong in his predictions, you never heard him go back and admit it.


Figure I had to get a subscription to the NYT to get any relevant news because the Trib stopped printing it.

Maybe one day they will get back to being a newspaper. We can only hope.

My Pops used to say the Tribs tag line should be " Yesterday’s news Tomorrow "

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