What happens to Falsev if missions are cancelled for a year?

This occurred to me in basketball because the roster is smaller and players are easier to track. But the problem might be far larger in football where the coaches have to monitor the mission status of 5-10 kids.

Utes are at the scholarship limit of 13. If Falsev can’t go on his mission and enrolls in school, what happens to his eligibility and scholarship status?

This inquiring mind want to know.

As of right now missionaries being brought home who are under 18 months are likely to be reassigned to another mission until things clear. However, missionaries who will reach 21 months in the US before September will be released then instead of 24 months.

I don’t track our missionary recruits so I don’t know what that actually means for Utah (it may not mean anything because next season may be in question) but I doubt it will help or change things with Falslev unless he opts to not go back out after he’s been quarantined.

Falsev has not left for his mission. In LK’s recent interview, he said Falsev had received his mission call to the Philippines. Those missions have sent their missionaries home, so it is unlikely he will go there. He will likely be reassigned to a Stateside mission.

Haven’t they stopped sending kids out on missions for a while?

It is changing day to day right now. Lots of postponements, they’ve closed the MTCs and are doing online training. Closing of the temples will also likely have an effect on missionaries going out (need to have gone through the temple to be a missionary per current policy).