What happened to the game recaps?

Over the past few years, I have really enjoyed the cinematic game recaps that the official Utah Football social media team would put out after each win. They combined field-level footage, locker room clips, broadcast footage, the radio call, and set it all to dramatic, epic music. They were awesome and were one of the things I looked forward to the most after game days.

Those seemed to have disappeared this year, which is hugely disappointing. Or maybe I’m just not seeing them in my feed.

Were those recaps a budget casualty? Maybe we can find yet another corporate sponsor for a completely routine thing that happens during a game to pay for them (I.e. “That’s another Les Olson First Down!” or Welcome the defense back to the field, brought to you by America First!”)?

EDIT: Scratch that. I went to the Utah Football YouTube page and they’re still there. They just weren’t showing up in my FB or Twitter feed anymore, which is odd.

Utah vs UCLA

Looks like they’ve done some on YouTube

Not sure why not all are there

Thanks @Diehard_Ute .

If you go to their YouTube page directly, there’s a recap for each win. I just hadn’t seen them yet.

You’ve been algorithmed. :joy:

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Those general highlight packages are fine, but I like the ones the Utah Football account puts out better.

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