What do you think Herm Edwards said to Kyle after the game?

The tv coverage had a nice close up of the usual meet up of the coaches and players after the game. Usually it is the typical quick “good game!” and bro hug, or a quick short sentence, compliment on your team and effort.

Herm was in Kyle’s ear a little longer and pointing as he talked. So it looked liked he was saying something substantive, and Kyle was listening attentively.

They parted shortly, and it looked like amicably.

Stop the presses! I just did a check on Herm and found out what he said to Kyle. He said he apologized to the coach for the excessive ASU penalties during the game.

So actually pretty classy of Herm.

When I didn’t know what he had said, I was thinking he might have gently said something about still having Moss in, and scoring at the end of the game, when game was well in hand. Risking injury to Moss, and adding to the score.

There have been plenty of reasons for us to dislike ASU since joining the PAC.

From bad memories of the distant past where we would travel to Tempe to be fodder for Frank Kush’s dominant teams, to similar experiences under Bruce Snyder, Dirk Koetter, etc.

We wanted to beat ASU after joining the PAC because of those bad memories, and then after we joined, we had bitter experiences with the notoriously undisciplined Sun Devils under Dennis Erickson (which in hindsight wasn’t quite so bitter because Erickson helped establish the Florida pipeline when he came here as an assistant).

More recently, the ridiculous ■■■■■■■■ Todd Graham pulled, causing every other PAC team to bring those hideous screens so the ASU coaches couldn’t intercept play calls coming in… those were (I believe) a big reason Graham got the boot.

Herm Edwards has been a big turnaround from the Graham shenanigans, and credit to him for apologizing and making it clear to his team that’s just not smart football and that’s not how they’re going to be as the Edwards era gets entrenched.

I’ve read the general reaction in the ASU media & social media, and from Edwards, and nobody is more embarrassed that they nearly had as much in penalty yardage as they did in offensive total yards than them. (If it wasn’t for Eno Benjamin, the penalty yardage would have greatly exceeded total offensive yardage.)

I think the Utah-ASU rivalry will be strong, both teams play very physical football. But sometimes the best place for the past, is for it to stay there.


Well said!

Click on the image here:

Herm Edwards is a classy guy, but they also have Marvin Lewis on staff right now. As the HC of Cincinnati, Lewis famously didn’t do jack ■■■■ to stop Vontaze Burfict and Adam Jones from their extremely unsportsmanlike actions over the course of several years, and he just might be involved in the current ■■■■■■ actions taken by this asu team over the weekend.


Perhaps the best indicator of this is what the coaches said to the players when they were getting the penalties - if they were lighting them up on the sideline then you might have an idea of they are serious about the apology or if it is lip service. I tend to believe that if he brought it up right there on the field (versus under pressure from the media post game or whatever) he saw and recognized the problem and will work to curb it.

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I think Herm Vito Corelone said, “A friend should always underestimate your virtues and an enemy overestimate your faults.”

I’m not buying Herm’s fake apology for 1 second. He was trolling, just as he’s done since arriving in Tempe. He’s an enemy.

They ran a designed killshot at Enis. Hmmm, wonder why? I’d hope most of us would know why. And that one play is all anyone should have needed to see to know exactly what type of “culture” Herm is building and what messages he wants to send.

#4 threw a tantrum all the way to the locker room, jarring with fans and slammed his helmet into the wall once he entered the tunnel. EFFFFF them.

I criticize the idea of “good ole’ respectable Herm.” There.

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What he did was, gee sorry about all the penalties. What he meant was, gee sorry we couldn’t injure enough of your players enough so we could win the game.

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You may be 100% correct. I did not like what I saw on the field that game. Looked like BYU in recent years playing Utah, alligator rolls, nut punches, cheap shots, targeting, chop blocks, and whining extraordinaire. The attack on Enis, why? Is it because he selected Utah? What really happened that night? ASU came into the game with the fewest penalties per game, Utah, like the most. What really transpired?

This certainly is interesting. Watch the video breakdown of the three kickoffs. They certainly looked like they were gunning for Solomon, by putting two LBs on the front line and charging hard at him rather than retreating to set up the block.

Ute fans (and ASU fans) should watch this...

3 ASU KORs with "normal" blocking for context then the alleged "bounty" on Enis KOR... The flag was thrown on #30 and not #20...

Is this coaching with player safety in mind?https://t.co/RT3tBrdP9b

— Vegas Ute (@VegasUte) October 20, 2019
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Pretty hard to justify it otherwise. I hadn’t seen that before, but that isn’t just players being chippy.

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It would be nice to see the PAC-12 do something about ASU’s behavior in this game.

The difference in those two clips is one was a no return situation and the other was a set up return. Which would explain the passive versus aggressive blocking, but it doesn’t account for the headhunting.