What do we make of BYU's new 'Office of Belonging?'

such a byu thing

Somebody said this makes the Honor Code office the “Office of Not Belonging”




if the reception area of the Office of Belonging doesn’t have a plate of these then what are we even doing?


The BYU Office of Belonging. While a noble pursuit has a very anti-honor code acronym.




I hope its housed in the same building as …


They just ought to give up and simply be who they are…a religious school that desires to live in the past. Handing out comedy gold like PEZ devalues the laughs. In a lot of ways, they are simply becoming a sad anachronism.

Unless “family pressure” drove someone to go there (understandable), I can’t see any reason for a student of color, ethnicity, or LGBTQQ to even want to attend the place. If living in Utah Valley is something you need to do, and you desire a college degree, go to UVU for hell’s sake.


Anytime you can say BOOB and BYU in the same sentence, I’m in!


I guess it was sort of overshadowed by Holland’s speech. I thought Gordon Monson wrote an interesting piece Gordon Monson: Jeffrey Holland extended a clenched fist instead of an open hand in his BYU speech as did Jana Reiss Jana Riess: LDS apostle Jeffrey R. Holland’s BYU speech 'does not seem to have been his finest hour'

My solution is for the Church to divest itself of BYU and take all of the money it spends annually on BYU and all of the endowment money and make it available in scholarship form to members enrolled in a course of study be in tech school, community college, university, etc. The recipients must enroll and attend institute and can even be required to sign some sort of honor code.


I refuse to read a Gordon Monson article but I liked what Jana Reiss wrote. The LDS church will never part with BYU nor should they. I expected better from Holland.


I think you have to stretch a bit to find offense in there. But stretching to find offense is all the rage.

Edit: I read the other article, and I guess I get it now. It was really the valedictorian speech criticism that people didn’t like. I don’t know the details of the BYU speech, but someone did something like this at my high school graduation. He abandoned his approved remarks in order to make a political statement. I didn’t care but some did. At a graduation, you are not there for yourself or for your cause. You are there to read “oh the places you’ll go” and to make everyone in the audience feel special. That’s the deal. To use the platform for something else is selfish, even if it’s also courageous.


His remarks, including that he was gay, were in the version approved by the school. He posted the speech on twitter and in my opinion his statement that he was gay was a footnote to the speech.

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The LDS church has a problem in that BYU has become a school for the elite LDS kids and the ability to get in is getting more and more difficult. @Scratch rightfully has pointed out, there is probably no other school even close in the disparity of the caliber of student versus the quality of educators. Super bright and talented kids, pretty mediocre staff.

The BYU Pathways program is actually pretty cool and I’m guessing that will probably take over and take a substantial part of the funding to BYU - and may even be the point where they do divest from BYU. For those that don’t know, it is a low-cost option available to everyone for an online college - an entry point for a lot of impoverished people around the world to get educated and lift themselves up to a better life. If you’ve got college degree prestige on your mind, nobody is going to be impressed, but it has a range of majors that are growing that give people marketable skills. They’re also enlisting more and more full-time missionaries who work with people who’ve entered the program, particularly people from other countries or cultures to help them acclimate and succeed. They were supposed to serve in New Zealand but Covid prevented that, so they are working from Hawaii instead (to help with the time zone disparity). But they work with people from Africa, Asia, Australia, etc to get into the program.

That is what I think they should do regarding education, and then as you mentioned maybe have a scholarship for LDS kids to go to other school.

But I doubt BYU-Provo will be divested while two former presidents of the school sit on the board of trustees.

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BYU-P is not as selective as they want the world to believe. They count kids who screen themselves out from going there, not just who they accept.

A fact worth noting is a number of students once enrolled at BYU-P tend to drop out and enroll at UVU once they get their residency because it is less expensive and no honor code.

I will reiterate I find it hard to understand why anyone of color, ethnicity, or LGBTQQ would desire to attend a university has has a “zero acceptance policy.”

They may let them in to attend school, but they will never accept these folks for their diversity, or unconditionally include them in their culture. I am surprised Utah State, Weber State, UVU, SUU, and Dixie haven’t used their expensive elitist BS on them to simply grow their enrollment.


This is a way to graduate from college debt free, or largely debt free. The list of online majors available at Dixie, SUU, Weber, Utah, USU, BYU-I is impressive. Not all inclusive (such as engineering), but impressive nonetheless. The catch is you need parents willing to allow their child live at home for free while working part-time.

Similar to our government. We can’t fix higher education because our ruling class went to Harvard and sees nothing wrong with the status quo.

BYU is becoming more engrained in the Mormon experience, not less. As recently as 10 years ago, there were thriving institute programs outside the state of Utah. Those are collapsing due to a lack of students. Nobody goes to a local state school anymore - they all go to Provo or Rexburg. And, frankly, it works. They get married and get jobs. The Church has put a considerable amount of work into figuring out how to increase enrollments at Rexburg. They’ve got classes going all day long and a rotating term schedule that maximizes students. So no, I don’t think they’ll be rolling back on the BYU experience and handing out scholarships to Michigan State any time soon.

A boy can dream.

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Seems to be going well so far

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I think we should judge all byu students by this guy. After all, they judge all Ute fans by that one drunk guy.