What a conundrum

With Utah and Oregon looking close to a lock for the CCG, I’ve been contemplating how the the bowl game scene works out based on who wins in the two matchups they’ll probably have with each other this season (assuming both team win all their remaining games outside of their head to head games).

Scenario 1: Utah beats Oregon in the regular season. Oregon drops out of contention for the playoffs due to their second loss of the season. The winner of the CCG would then be a certainty for the Rose Bowl.

Scenario 2: Oregon beats Utah in the regular season. Oregon then loses to Utah in the CCG. Utah goes to the Rose Bowl due to being the Pac-12 champion.

Scenario 3: Oregon beats Utah in the regular season. Oregon then beats Utah in the CCG, earning a berth in the playoffs. Utah goes to the Rose Bowl being the runner-up in the Pac-12.

It’s a crazy to think that, if Oregon wins out, Utah actually is almost guaranteed the Rose Bowl whether they lose to Oregon or beat them in the CCG.

While I like the idea of a guaranteed Rose Bowl, I can’t help but hope beyond hope that Utah beats the Ducks twice this season and spoils their CFP hopes. 2019 still hurts very much.


Yep. More or less. In your scenario 3, Utah would be 8-5, likely not ranked in CFP (maybe no other pac12 either) so they could pick someone else like WSU. Or ASU if they don’t lose many (go USC!). And UO is in a good position but could be swapped put last minute by the committee when they evaluate the whole sesson compared to everyone else. The committee could decide Ohio St. or OU beat strong teams down the stretch and see how UO lost to Stanford and barely got by other mediocre teams.

Nothing given except if we win.

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True. Even more reason to roast some Duck twice this season!