We're picked to finish 10th. Lots of room to exceed expectations!

I have a feeling it’s going to be a long, slow climb back into respectability.

They can be better than 10th. The “Crimson Colored Glasses” part of me would love to see them win the conference, if for no other reason than to make Arizona, UCLA, and USC eat a big ■■■■ burger.


I agree but I feel like the difference between 10th and 5th is not that big of a difference. Getting a few more big bodies this year will give us a few more wins. Just because we will be able to get a defensive rebound. Another year with the core group in the system should give us a few more.

If you look at that run where we lost all of those games. So many of them we where close with 5-10 mins left and didn’t have the horses to close it out. I think we steal a few more of those this year.

I think there is 3 teams at the top of the league and everyone else is an injury or two away from being at the bottom.


Talked to one of the coaches sounds like there will be some movement in the starting line up the first few games. Want to see how different units play together. A little surprised after 5 months of practice they don’t have this ironed out but what do I know.


Seems to me you know a lot. Is it because some new players came in late, is it experiments on big lineups, small lineups, etc?

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I would guess all of the above. I expect lots of movement tonight at the scrimmage.

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Last year’s losing streak also occurred during a stretch of very bad luck with injuries and Covid. There was a short bench and low tolerance for this kind of misfortune.


Agreed. It was crazy. Carlsen was in and out multiple times. I don’t know the official stat but we had to play more walk on minutes than most teams in the country last year. Top programs don’t play walk ons all that much if ever.