We're All Team Chaos Today!

If we can’t have a shot at the title let’s make it ridiculous.

I want these teams to win:
Virginia over Clemson
Baylor over Oklahoma
Georgia over LSU
Wisconsin over Ohio State

to add to the madness:
Memphis, Appy State also win

I just don’t like Boise so they can lose.

Project FiveThirtyEight won’t even allow this scenario into their system: 2019 College Football Predictions | FiveThirtyEight

Ok. Sure. What the hell. Let Chaos reign!

This would make for a great day. I’ve found purpose in life yet again!

All in on a Memphis National Championship. lol

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Team Chaos is 0-1 but not a bad loss. The next conf. Title games are when we need chaos.

Burn it all to the ground.

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Force the playoff expansion through unsatisfying controversy. I like it.

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Welp. LSU making Team Chaos 0-2

It appears Virginia and Bronco aren’t coming through. 0-3. That said, I have an eye on Indianapolis.

I know that Ohio State has been called a lock for the playoff, but let’s say this game ends up something like 42-3 for Wisconsin (not going to happen, but we can all dream).

Does OSU still get in the playoff?

Many of the Talking Heads say Buckeyes get in. FiveThirtyEight’s prediction machine gives the 4th slot to Wisconsin if they win.

Click here: 2019 College Football Predictions | FiveThirtyEight

How Wisconsin is opening Half #2

tOSU clawing back, but the Badgers aren’t caving yet. Seeing the Badger kid screw up the punt made me think about how our kids were under the pressure of the spotlight.

Seeing their fans reminds me why my daughter hates the whole state of Ohio. They were the worst people we encountered in the time we have spent going to The Rose Bowl every year.

Welp. Team Chaos a huge loss today. Status Quo it is.

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