Well we better not blow the game to the Buffs now. We just booked everything but game tix for the PAC 12 Title game

Should have taken the risk a little earlier. Airfares have gone up a lot in the last couple of days. I just woke up this morning realizing we didn’t want to wait until less than 7 days out to book them. Who else is planning on going?

Watching from home but, so proud of all of you guys who spend the time effort and money to represent us at these games

Being retired creates a lot more opportunities for stuff like this.

My Superfan wife is struggling over a possible CFP run. Yes it’s unlikely, but we can’t go to the CFP title game. Don’t cry for us, though. If it comes to that we’ll be watching from St. Thomas.


Booked everything right after the UCLA game when I saw airfare jumping. Bay area was way up but Sacramento was cheep and not that different than coming from Oakland. Going to see the game, expect Utah to meet us there. Nice to have the time to consider other airports. I do expect to see the Oregon interest fade a bit and that is fine with me.

We’ll actually be in the other direction.

I booked everything the night USC almost tanked in Boulder. I’d already been tracking $89 rates SLC > OAK for a couple of months and didn’t want to risk the price increase. I took a peek at the rates after the UCLA game last weekend and the flight I booked had increased to $360. If I would have booked about a month earlier $69 rate to San Jose was available.

We’ll be +5. Went last year and got seats club level, but I think I wouldn’t mind sitting lower this year. Some luster comes off the game with Oregon’s loss last night. The game was shaping up to be the biggest CCG stage in PAC12 era. Ducks fans should still show up in good numbers and I have to think there will be a much better turnout at this year’s game.

I’m jealous of you guys who can make road trips out of these events. Between a crazy work schedule and the $$ for Christmas presents for three kids, there’s simply no way I can ever afford it.

I’ll be in a tropical paradise and you’ll be in a frozen hell?

Had everything booked (except ticket to the game) since the UW win.


Wish we had. Air to Sacramento was pricey but half any other Bay Area airport by the time we booked.

So we can all agree that if we somehow lose to Colorad9, then it is Hoop’s fault for booking early.


Hmmm, never considerer Kauai frozen hell.

Compared to Boise, it is.

Good to see you meant west instead of north.

That was a consideration here. Lord knows I fear the wrath of UF.N.

I’ve always just assumed all of our losses were Hoop’s fault.


There is zero, I repeat zero, chance we lose to buffs. Now it’s possible, I doubt it, but possible that we don’t blow them out. But as of now, my expectation is a rout buffs this weekend, and actually I expect us to rout Oregon at the P12 championship, then to be passed over and end up playing MN in Rose Bowl. And if that is the result, I will likely try to go along with a cadre of my MN friends.


I am not convinced that Minnesota will beat Wisconsin this weekend. If Wiscy wins, I believe they hold the tie breaker over Minn and will go to the CCG (to get blasted by tOSU again).

Utah vs Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl would be fantastic. I do not believe we will embarrass the conference the way UW did last year.

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I’m readying all systems go for the Rose Bowl, the only question being the number of family attendees. FYI, the band of the team/school with the higher ranking gets to play the national anthem, so things are looking good there as well. The Pride of Utah marching down Colorado Blvd. playing Utah Man like you’ve never heard before, a few hours later, arrayed across the football field, called to attention, the stadium silent, the moment before they play the first notes of our beloved Star Spangled Banner, time could stand still right then and there.

I’d be making the 3.5 hour drive North to the PAC-12 championship game but it would be too much coming and going since I’m flying to SLC on the 8th for four days of skiing at Alta.

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I am not either, but I hope they do because I’m afraid my neighbor will have to go on suicide watch. Iowa almost did him in.

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