Well this is sad, Tina Turner died today

I just saw this on KSL. This is sad news. I always liked her style, and admired that she got to the top with some very hard work, and a ton of determination.

Two great songs. It’s a little difficult to listen to that ■■■■■■■ Ike on the second one.


From her later work.

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She was a remarkable talent, who had a very difficult young life, in spite of which she produced great tunes like this. RIP!

(For history sake I love seeing the photo of the original album cover, but otherwise, I’d never want to see a photo of Tina with the man who so abused her.)


I actually preferred the opening song of that movie “One Of The Living”… Really rocking start.

And of course her chainmail armor outfit as Auntie Entity… I so loved her in that small role.