Well, that was fun

That number 5 on MVSU couldn’t guard me. The guy I was sitting with (Dan) said he looked like the kid who didn’t want to play, but his parents signed him up anyway. If any of you remember that movie from the 80’s called Wildcats where Goldie Hawn played a football coach, this guy was like Finch.

The Muss wanted Allen to miss his free throw right before half so we would have 69 points. He was laughing about that.

Anyway, it was a good time.

5 proved he doesn’t care when he launched that 30 footer early in the game. He’s embarrassing himself out there.

I never thought I’d see a beat down worse than what Utah laid on Chicago State 25 years ago or so, but this was like watching the Utes v a bad HS team.


I’ll take ■■■■■ I am glad I didn’t watch tonight” for $50,000 Alex.

Watching “Bull” reruns was a much better call. I will read about this really bad boat racing in the morning paper.

I dunno. It was pretty fun.

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I went to the game, the kids enjoyed it. Sure the other team stunk - but I took a couple things from it:

  1. ok, so you gotta love Rylan Jones. We are literally up 70 points when he dives for a loose ball, corrals it, and hits (brenchley I think?) for a layup. Even Krystkowiak was smiling about that one.
  2. this team has an interesting stable of big men. Carlsen seems skilled, Thione has immense defensive potential. Battin’s shooting seems improved. Van Komen I think is gonna need to work on lateral movement to be useful - but dang he’s so big. With 4 shooters and ball movement he should get 5 tippy-toe dunks a game. He looked like a bizarro 7 foot magnum PI tonight with his stache
  3. early returns on 2 games - I feel like this team will take a lot of lumps but strangely enjoy the whole ride. They seem to play hard and play unselfishly. We can get to .500 this year on that I think.

I’m looking forward to the season since I have literally no expectations. Anything we can build on would be good in my book.


Wenzel didn’t play. Injured? Redshirting? Anyone hear anything?

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I have the same questions.