Well, since USC just won @ Cal, the stage is set for Utah

If Utah wins next week @ Arizona and USC loses to UCLA in the Coliseum, Utah will clinch the Pac-12 South. If not, things get tricky. Either way, next week’s game is an absolute must win for Utah. If they don’t win and USC beats UCLA, Utah will lose the Pac-12 South. However, that being said, if Utah wins and USC wins, Utah would only clinch a share of the division. They could then win it outright by beating Colorado at home in the finale. If Utah loses, their only chance to still win the division would be for USC to lose to UCLA. If that were to happen, Utah could then win the division the next week against Colorado.

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, what is wrong with you? Why are you even suggesting losses? Do you even have any faith in the team and coaches? It’s incredibly unhelpful and defeatist to actually conjure up all the ways we can lose the division. Please pull your head out of you-know-where and start being SUPPORTIVE.

Let the zoobs do all the nay-saying…!


I am being supportive. I was just saying what needs to be done.

Utah is 6-1 in Conference with 2 games to go, USC is 6-2 in Conference with one game to go. We both win out (which we should) then we’re 8-1 and they are 7-2 and all is well. That’s all that really needs to happen. And if we dump a game at this point to AZ or CO then we don’t deserve the hype regardless.

We got this.


This team isn’t losing to AZ or Colorado.


You’re dangerously close to “Captain Obvious” territory. My guess is most. if not all on this board. know:

                Who we play against and where for the next 2 games
                 What the current standings are
                The Rose Bowl and CFP implications
                 The FPI odds against Arizona (85%) and Colorado (95%)

Nope, he’s already well into that territory. Whole lotta stuff that didn’t need to be written. :joy::joy:


Which is exactly why I was so stunned/horrified/disbelieving to see him write that long-winded spew. :laughing::smile:

I know what-ifs are fun sometimes, but NOT RIGHT NOW, fer cripessake! :crazy_face:

I’m just glad we control our own destiny for a change. Seems like this time every year we’re hoping for someone to lose so we can slide in for the South title.

The other obvious comment here is that we WANT USC (and Washington) to keep winning. Both of these teams are in the “receiving votes” category of the AP poll. If, through winning and by attrition, one or both of these teams end up in the final CFP rankings, that will only help make the case that the PAC-12 champion should get the CFP invite.


Just win baby!

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