Well shoot.........John Madden passes away

Back around the time we utefans were all reading up to learn about Allegiant Stadium and the Riaders saying F***You!! To Oakland for the 2nd time that I foud myself wondering if John wasn’t already gone… but I was a just a bit ahead of myself.

Madden, Stabler, Plunkett… legendary names… As a Broncos fan back in the 70s Oakland was a truly hated nemesis, but I grudgingly respected Mr. Madden A WHOLE LOT… Didnt want Oakland winning but had to acknowledge the brilliance of him as a coach… And then his years as a caster? Pioneered that business of writing all over the screen etc LOL

R.I.P. big man…

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John Madden had a major role in building the NFL brand. As a Raiders fan, I enjoyed his bringing the Lombardi Trophy to Oakland. He and Tom Flores will be the best coaches the Raiders will have ever had.

He will be missed.

When I was growing up, John Madden WAS football.

First as the coach of the Raiders (dad’s favorite team, so mine by default), then as the voice of the broadcasts, then as the face of the games. He was synonymous with the game.

Although he’s been out of the spotlight for years, I’m not sure his overall impact will ever be equaled.

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Saw that headline this morning. I don’t remember him as a Coach, but I sure do remember his broadcasting. It didn’t matter which game he was calling, he made it the game to watch. I miss that. Yeah, there are good announcers and callers now, but he and Summerall, were and continue to be the benchmark for everyone to match.

Sadly, another piece of our younger selves is gone. I hope that he’s resting well.

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