Well now we’re caught up in a sexual assault non-action scandal

Top story on the Trib’s web site tonight:

Two Universities Fail to Help Woman Who Says Football Player Assaulted Her

[The victim] initially tried her school, [Utah Valley University], where the staff said they couldn’t provide her resources because the alleged perpetrator wasn’t a student there, Root said. They recommended that she go instead to his school, [the University of Utah].

At the U., staff said there was nothing they could do for her, either. They told her their obligation was instead to the player, because he was their student, Root said, and never even asked for his name.

In fact, the U. only wanted to know the player’s identity months later, she recalls, after [another football player at the university had been accused of raping a minor]. They asked then if he was the same student she had said attacked her. When she said he wasn’t, they didn’t contact her again.quote

The three Utah football players named in this story, Sione Lund, Terrell Perriman, and Devon Banton, were all dismissed from the team when allegations came out. However, the Title IX office and the U police again look to be completely incompetent in dealing with these types of cases. Isn’t that just becoming a sickening common thread on all these stories? It’s right in there on the USU stories, and substitute Honor Code Office for Title IX Office at BYU, and you have the same incompetence.

These women just need to all go to real police, not campus police and definitely not an office chartered to deal with equal opportunity.

Agree 100%, screw the schools’ PD departments. Go to the real cops, they’re much more inclined to resolve the case.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again they need to disband the U police department and setup a precinct of SLCPD to do campus policing. Many jurisdictions do it this way and it’s time to set it up here. Even though SLCPD isn’t great they are much better than the U police.


Someone close to me has a similar story. Their (the school’s) solution was to have her sit down with her assailant and his coach (non-scholarship sport) to 'sort it out".

Can you imagine having to do that with her attacker? She declined and that alone was traumatizing enough for her not to pursue it further.

I offered to figuratively burn the place to the ground on her behalf but she just couldn’t go through the trauma. This all puts a horrible pit in my stomach.

I hope Taylor Randall puts and end to this nonsense. The U’s response to this sort of thing needs to be stellar always.


It would be interesting to hear the Title IX staffer’s version of the conversation. The version that is presented in this story is insensitive at best and possibly derelict. But again, it is one side of the story. I am not defending these accused players in any way. I wonder if the conversations were recorded or the staffers documented the meeting in any way.

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