Well, in a month of disappointing to crappy news, finally something good

This is more to say hurray, some good news.

Got my hbA1C test results back, 4.9. That’s down from 7.1 3 months ago. A few changes in meds, diet, and exercise have helped. Add this to my good colonoscopy from last Friday, health wise things are looking up for the 1st time in awhile.

I hope this means I’ll be riding longer and perhaps even riding a race on the bicycle at some point. I’ll still have to watch all the, now, usual stuff, but yay for me. Some good news to share.

Congrats; good news for you. Are you on metformin? Ive been trying to get mine down from 5.9 for several months without much success


Not metformin. My doc put me on Rybelsus, and I’ve been taking myself off of prednisone. TBH I think the biggest reason for the drop was the removal, or near removal of the prednisone. Modifying my diet, and more exercise obviously helped. I’ve also been on a CGM, and since I like looking at data and trends, it has helped me with knowing when I can “safely” have carbs. I’ve had more days of low blood sugar than high, many more days actually.

As you know there is no silver bullet. My T2D was caused by the prednisone, thanks to my UC. So it made sense for me to get off of the prednisone ASAP, well ASAP as safely as possible. So, I have probably another 2 months before I’m fully off of prednisone in my estimation. With me getting off the prednisone it has also forced my GI doc and me to get more aggressive with treating my UC. We can’t use the prednisone as a crutch anymore. So, I think I’m more self aware of what I’m doing to my body with diet, and meds. I’ve become a better advocate for myself too in the last 3 months. I can thank my wife’s moto crash earlier this year to teach me that, after fighting for her to get good treatment and fast treatment.

Anyway, back to your question, no metformin for me. I’d suggest changing from the metformin, if it doesn’t seem to be working as well as hoped. I know that it’s usually the 1st med of choice for T2D. We bypassed it, so to speak for the Rybelsus. Rybelsus is the pill form of ozempic. It doesn’t work quite the same way as the injection, but seems to work well for me. The caveat to all this, what works for me may not work for you.


IIRC correctly Rybelsus is the pill form of Semaglutide?

I’ve been on Ozempic (injection) for about 1.5 years and it has helped me stay in the 300-310 range. Definitely have hit a hard bedrock layer on dropping much lower, but just keeping in it that 300 range is a huge win from the old 450 lb thing 5 years ago


Technically, yes Rybelsus is semaglutide. The same active ingredient as Ozempic.

Nice that you’ve lost 1/3 of your weight, that’s a huge deal.

Rybelsus has helped me lose a little bit of weight, but it’s not as strong as Ozempic. I would like to lose another 40 lbs, to get back to my bike racing weight. That will take more discipline on my part to keep up what I’ve done, and improve in a few areas at the same time.


Metformin, Lantus, and Novolog here. Had shot up to 8 when my depression got to be in charge. I will find out in two weeks if it has dropped. FWIW I believe the medication and therapy is working, so….

Glad your good news is that awesome.

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I celebrate you both.

Not your PCP or Endocrnologist, but as a HCP with a past history of bike riding, climbing, dance and other pursuits, I would encourage you to know that some of my patients’ have better lab values than me; although I might be regarded as “athletic” and wear the same clothing size for 30 years. Many demanding sports have concominant body dysmorphia idealism. There’s more to life than trying to achieve an ideal body composition - well beyond our best athletic years.
Keep riding, dancing, climbing, grappling, whatever… Follow guidelines and be happy when you look at yourself in the mirror. There are so many ways to be happy and healthy. 20 extra pounds isn’t a game changer (unless your labs say you need to change your game).


Oh there probably is a bit of dysmorphia idealism on my part. At the same time, that was the last time I felt physically really good too. It is actually pretty close to the recommended weight for someone my height, like within 5lbs either way.

I read an article recently about cyclists and body dysmorphia. I’ll have to see if I can find it again. The gist was, are we cyclists adding to that epidemic, idealizing these lithe riders, who in the general population are too skinny (even if they’re watched over by healthcare professionals).

I’ve wondered how much my head/mind affects my cycling. It does a bit, at least via memory of what I used to be able to do easily. I find myself frustrated occasionally with fighting the memories and trying to be content with where I am. I find being on the bike easier if I have a goal to shoot for, like getting ready for a race or an event.

Found it:


I still love road and MTB more than ever, but I am slower. I use apps for a miriad of outdoor sports but they all keep coming up with the same data: “Dude, you’re slower.”
But I still feel as good as ever while also possibly more observant, knowing that (to quote a song) "There’s nothing you can hold, for very long."Be strong. Carry ON!