Well has a surgery consult today

I was thinking I’d put it off till football season was over. Doc says sooner the better so Friday it is. He usually has Friday off butcsaid he didn’t want me to lose anymore function etc. My previous surgeon didn’t even want get me in for a consult until the end of this month. They initially told me January.
You are the customer don’t let the medical machine put you on the back burner be your own advocate

I know some doctors view a butt-lift as elective surgery, but when it is how you make your money I agree you shouldn’t put it off. :wink:

Just kidding, I hope it all goes well and you recover quickly.


I’m a former competitive swimmer. I have no butt :pensive:

Ever since I had my butt lift a few years ago, my life changed for the better. I now sit straight without leaning, my posture has improved, and I even poop better (which was not expected). Not to mention the comments I get from attractive women, such as, “what a sublime butt you have”, “that is a sublime butt”, and “simply sublime”.

I recommend it to everybody.