Well doesn't look like we missed much in the first half

I got the expected 0500 text from my sibling after the UK win touring LK etc relatively sure If we drop this one I won’t hear from him. I no longer converse with him he’s just too negative and toxic for me to be around. Go Utes
Ps did anybody else get the 99 dollar email where they move you to whatever seat each game ?

I think we’re just outmatched here. They’re more experienced and talented, and they have scouted us well.

What’s up with Carlson, BTW? He seemed promising earlier in the season. We could use some inside presence.

Wondering the same thing (Carlson).

Also, Is Van Komen still on the team?

I like how they’re pressing Gach up by over 20.

Seriously hoping we can keep it within 20.

They’re kinda RUTs’ing us now.

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This is kind of what I expected before the season started. The BYU and UK games threw me off.

We kept it under 30!

Well, since he played tonight, I’m going to say yes.

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As a Utah local, you were supposed to know that before Van Komen entered the game.

1 - Tonight the Azteca’s were juniors and seniors vs. freshman and sophomores.
2 - SDSU couldn’t miss tonight.
3 - I’d like to see who is going to best SDSU in the MWC.
4 - Gordon Monson is a two faced double talking loser.
5 - Hopefully all Ute hoopsters come back next year.
6 - There are waaay too many games. How anybody can have interest in the NBA’s 82 regular season games and 3 months of playoffs is beyond me.