Well crap, the mayor of my town did it again

This is pretty much above the fold on WRAL’s webpage.

I wrote myself in last election, so don’t blame me. FWIW, he lives 3 or 4 doors down from me. We know our mayor, not well, but we do know him. Being a small town dirt gets around. I do know how he got voted into office, hardly anyone voted.

The moral of the story is, don’t drink and drive. Sub lesson, don’t be a dick to police officers.

DUI is not something to be accepted by society or taken lightly when it occurs. It’s dangerous. I hope for his sake your Mayor has found his “rock bottom” and gets the help he desperately needs to change. I also hope the legal system holds him accountable for his actions.

Until that happens, keep your head on a swivel when driving around town or riding your bike.


Yeah. To say the least I’m not pleased with him. I, too, hope he has found his rock bottom and sobers up. I don’t have great hope, yet.

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Thankfully was pulled over before any accident which should hit his pocketbook rather hard. Too many times this sort of action costs an innocent victim their life or leaves them disabled. Hopefully the mayor will learn from this and change behavior in the future before tragedy occurs.

Everyone please be responsible out there.

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Well hell. One DUI is expensive. Two can take really blow up your bank account. Then of course, neighbors, friends and family think you have beyond crappy judgement. Just call a damn Uber!!!


The stories that disturb me are when some dies or is crippled when hit by a driver with a large number (10 or more is not uncommon) of prior DUIs. How many second chances does someone need to figure out their behavior is inappropriate and dangerous?


I wish that I could give an answer. Part of my irritation is Mayor Williams dropping the race card, again. The Rocky Mount PD pretty closely matches the racial make up of the area. Our mayor is part of the largest racial group.

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Would also like to see LEO’s pulling over tailgaiters, speeders in neighborhoods, cell phone texters and other selfish people who provoke crashes all the time.