Well crap, now I have to feel bad for OSU and UGA

Those guys at the Peach Bowl get PAC12 officials.

So, what is the over/under for targeting calls?
How many missed/blown calls?
Umm, what else?


At least our Utes get Big XII officials.

The over/under on time added to the total broadcast time taken for video reviews will be YYYUUUGGGEEE!!!

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Hope they don’t have “Heidi” scheduled to broadcast after the game. :wink:


If they follow the PAC-12 standard, targeting will be called when it feels like targeting to the referee. That’s the PAC-12 standard.

You’re assuming that there’s a standard with PAC12 officials. I do agree that it will be called if the official feels like it. I just don’t know that they have a standard.

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Right! The standard is that there’s no standard. Just the ref’s gut feeling.


Washington wasnt getting much love from the refs last night. Seemed like Texas was playing “on the edge of the rules” a bit