Well, as both of Utah's scheduled non-conference opponents next season are now conference opponents

Who the heck is Utah going to play in non-conference? Oregon? Stanford? Washington? They’ve gotta do something because they no longer have ANY scheduled non-conference games. Is Utah State available?

Did I miss news about the SUU game?

it is now considered a pre-season scrimmage. haha. :man_shrugging:

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They should mainly play west-of-the-Rockies schools in non conference, for how ever long the Big12 era lasts. Schedule Oregon/OSU, UW/Wazzu, Cal, Stanford & Ucla on an ongoing basis. Sprinkle in MWCs and Big Skys as needed.

Don’t add insult to injury by scheduling the likes of Northern Illinois for a home and home. The Big12 debacle is already pushing too many games away from where our alumni and fanbase live.


Are they on the schedule? Did I totally just miss that one lol?

Well, Cal, Stanford, Oregon State, and Washington State should be easy schedules. They only have each other

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Not sure where you track it, but this has always been handy. Several teams to replace in the future now that they are conference foes.

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Oh yeah good one. My bad. I hadn’t even thought to look there. Well done. Well, that’s one opponent. They still need two more.

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I always love to see a visit to Washington–Grizzly Stadium on a schedule.

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