Week 7 Football


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I hope so.

We deserved to lose. That said, horrible officiating.

You have to click the tweet to see both videos. It was definitely not evenly called but calling PI seems to be more “Art” than “Science” with the refs lately.

Last year our guys were tossed two times for a hand barely touching a QBs helmet. If what they did to Bryce isn’t targeting I don’t know what the rule is for anymore.

Again, Alabama deserved to lose. They really were jumping offsides and moving before snap. Bone head penalties. Also, trying to pick up a live ball from a DE on a punt return killed them.

1st clip, that was a freaking mugging. 2nd clip, that wasn’t called? wow

1st clip wasn’t called on Tennessee. 2nd clip was called on Bama (either PI in first tweet or the targeting).

They are doing this for a regular season game. :joy: https://twitter.com/tennessean/status/1583148699005644800?s=42&t=Ok8Mj8TpwuE8mJi9Vy5jBA

smh, let’s get more than just a regular season game done. At least wait for a bowl game announcement.