Week 6 Games

Watching Michigan v IU. The Hoosiers just ran out of gas here in the 4th Quarter.

Was rooting for Kansas to beat TCU. Great game, they just didn’t quite have enough.

The Sooners are probably hoping the game is over Sooner rather than later . I’m so funny isickens me :P… Also, I really really hate having to applaud anythign that wanker Sarkisian does.

ASU just beat Washington.

The P12 is so weird,


Well, Wazzu is throwing punch for punch with U$C.

By the end of the day, we might be seeing no undefeated teams in conference.

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Except UCLA, and probably Oregon

Oh that’s a shame. :smile:

Well, I don’t understand the play call by aTm. 3 seconds left, ball on the 2, aTm could have run any play, even a running play, and they throw a quick out that even if caught, may not have crossed the goal line.

You’re not the only one. Texags is blowing up right now. Bama tried to hand them the game.

If you didn’t see the end of the Beavers game with Furd, go check it out.

Starts at the 3:00 mark

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