Week 5 games

Not sure why I thought UCLA would lose. Woke up and I guess the struggles vs South Alabama were just that week.

…then again, the Fusskies have been eating a lot of home cooking this season. This was their first road game. UCLA is playing better and had a home field advantage. One would think beating Sparty would’ve said something about that team.

It didn’t.

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Not sure the Rose Bowl is much of a home field advantage, but it does help not to have to travel.


I need to watch the FB in 60 on that game, but I saw the score was 40-14 so must have been turnovers or big plays, then it tightened up, maybe in garbage time.

We need to get a win today, but zero question abut how much attention we’ll have for next Saturday’s opponent.

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Maybe it’s time to place Ohio State, Clemson, SC, Georgia and then Bama as the top 5. I hear their fans the loudest clamoring about how overrated Alabama and Georgia are and they may have a point. Plus, I think the Utes knocking them off at #3 would be excellent.

Clearly I don’t think Clemson nor SC are top three worthy but I do think it would help football to not have an SEC team run wire to wire in the top spot.


Don’t know if we will move up, but given the way we worked over the Beavs, I am sure it got UCLA and U$C’s attention.

I will be surprised if either team throws a pass anywhere near Clark Phillips’s side of the field.

I think SC is a tough offense to stop but is doable for the Utes. Their defense however will get torched by y’all. I have zero clue how to read UCLA right now.

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Colorado just fired Dorrell after an 0-5 start.

Not surprised, as he was kind of a head-scratcher hire to begin with.


Whisky just fired Paul:

Some good jobs coming open. This is crazy though. Who is Wisconsin getting to get rid of this guy:

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I’ll always fondly remember how Gary Anderson exited Whisky:

When the Oregon State job opened up, Bronco Mendenhall applied, wanting to take a stage-right exit out of Provo, which had become a bigger monster than even he could deal with.

Apparently Bronco listed Wisconsin HC Gary Anderson - previously at USU - as a reference, but when the OS AD called to talk with Gary about Bronco, he said “actually, I would be interested in that job!” and Bronco was stuck at the Y for a few more years, and his wife started to get into it with the fan base.

Pretty interesting story… I had no idea. Poor Bronco :slight_smile:

The Irony only gets better when you recall how poorly Andersons stay in Corvallis worked out.

Didn’t see that one coming. Wonder what was going on behind the scenes. It’s not like CU where they were just awful for the longest time.

sec shorts was good this week